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King, Albert with Stevie Ray Vaughan - in session... ~ deluxe edition with dvd [2010]
Deluxe Edition! CD & DVD-Set! Ein Meilenstein des Blues und Bluesrocks! Phantastische Neuauflage des historischen Konzertmitschnitts der beiden Blues-/Bluesrock-Giganten und Meistergitarristen Albert King und Stevie Ray Vaughan, aufgenommen im Rahmen der legendären kanadischen Live-Fernsehshows "In session" am 6. Dezember 1983 in den CHCH Studios von Hamilton/Ontario - diesmal, wie gehabt als CD und zum ersten Mal auch als Live-DVD! Bemerkenswert dabei und somit für die Fans höchst interessant ist die Tatsache, dass die DVD ein paar Songs enthält, die es auf der CD nicht gibt. Zudem ist einiges davon auch im kanadischen Fernsehen bislang noch nicht zu sehen gewesen. Was für eine Gänsehaut erzeugende Performance der beiden. Ein Genuß, dieses Konzert nicht nur zu hören, sondern endlich auch auf der "Leinwand" im Musik-/Wohnzimmer miterleben zu dürfen und zu beobachten, wie wunderbar diese beiden Ausnahmemusiker miteinander harmonierten. Begleitet wurden sie von Tony Llorens an den Keyboards, Bus Thornton am Bass und Michael Llorens am Schlagzeug. Die DVD-Performance dauert rund 90 Minuten! Das Teil ist "code free" und somit auf jedem DVD-Player abspielbar! Ein unverzichtbares, historisches Ereignis! Packend!

Die Produktbeschreibung im Original:

On December 6, 1983, legendary blues guitarist Albert King joined his disciple Stevie Ray Vaughan on a Canadian sound stage for the live music television series In Session. Magic happened. The highly sought after video footage from that one-time renowned summit becomes available for the first time ever with the release of Stax Records' DVD In Session.
The DVD contains three classic performances unavailable on the previously issued audio disc: "Born Under a Bad Sign," the landmark title track from Albert King's biggest Stax release written by William Bell and Booker T. Jones; Stevie Ray's "Texas Flood," the Larry Davis-penned title track of Vaughan's immortal debut album; and "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town," made famous by Louis Jordan and later, Ray Charles.
"It was evident from the first choruses," writes liner notes author/musicologist Samuel Charters, "that they were playing for each other. And that was the best audience either of them could ever have. The music never lost its intensity, its quality of something very important being handed back and forth and there was time for Stevie and Albert to see where their ideas took them."
Accolades have showered upon this momentous encounter. "As a document of what was probably one of the greatest nights in the musical life of SRV, this belongs in the collection of every true fan," said the Austin American-Statesman. Sonic Boomers added, "Both men are gone now, but rare recordings like In Session remind us of a time when blues giants still walked the earth side by side." Elmore magazine called it "an indispensible part of any blues fan's collection." And BluesWax noted, "thank goodness, this disc lives on and on."
Now this previously unavilable visual document featuring two giants of American blues can be enjoyed by audiences the world over. Sadly, King and Vaughan would not share a stage together ever again. Vaughan, 31 years King's junior, died in a helicopter crash in the fog on the way back from a concert in 1990. King outlived him by two years, dying of a heart attack in 1992. They didn't meet often, and their careers took different paths. But we can all be grateful for that one long day in a television studio when sparks flew and this timeless performance was forever captured.

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1 - CD
1 Call It Stormy Monday - 9:00   
2 "Old Times" - 1:15   
3 Pride and Joy - 5:58   
4 Ask Me No Questions - 5:03   
5 "Pep Talk" - :52   
6 Blues at Sunrise - 15:10   
7 "Turn It Over" - :51   
8 Overall Junction - 8:20   
9 Match Box Blues - 7:39   
10 "Who Is Stevie?" - :43   
11 Don't Lie to Me - 8:57   

Disc 2 - DVD
1 Introduction   
2 Born Under a Bad Sign   
3 Texas Flood   
4 Call It Stormy Monday   
5 "Old Times"   
6 Match Box Blues   
7 "Pep Talk"   
8 Don't Lie to Me   
9 "Who Is Stevie?"   
10 Pride and Joy   
11 I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town   
12 Outro

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Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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