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Allman Brothers Band, The - macon city auditorium, macon. ga 2/11/72 [2013]
2 CD-Set! Die Veröffentlichung rarer, historischer Konzerte aus den umfangreichen Archiven der Allman Brothers findet endlich ihre Fortsetzung. Nach "American university 12/13/70" und "S.U.N.Y. at Stonybrook, NY 9.19.71" folgt nun ein großartiges Konzert aus der schwierigen, aber sehr bedeutungsvollen, weil emotionalen Phase der Band zwischen November 1971 und Herbst 1972, der so genannten "Five-Man Band" Ära, als man nach dem tragischen Tod des unvergessenen Duane Allman am 29. Oktober 1971 beschloß, zunächst nur mit Dickey Betts, also ohne zweiten Gitarristen, weiter zu machen. In dieser Zeit wurde der Meilenstein der Band "Eat a peach" fertiggestellt, aus dem einige absolute Klassiker hervorgingen, wie etwa "Melissa", "Ain't wastin' time no more" und "Les brers in a minor". Das nun veröffentlichte Konzert ist eine ganz besondere Show, denn es war die erste Performance der Band in ihrer Heimatstadt Macon nach dem Verlust von Duane. Und es wurde ein fantastischer Auftritt an jenem 11. Februar 1972 im Macon City Auditorium von Macon/Georgia. Wunderbar, dass diese Show nun endlich offiziell für die unzähligen Fans dieser legendären Band zugänglich gemacht wurde.

Das schreibt "Hittin' The Note", das renommierte, den Allman Brothers nahe stehende, Jamrock-Magazin über diese DoCD:

In the 35 year existence of the Allman Brothers Band, the 11-month period of time from November 1971, to the fall of 1972 - often referred to as the "Five-Man Band" era - is an extremely important, emotionally charged, and yet often overlooked chapter of ABB history. On October 29, 1971, the band lost its founder, spiritual leader, and guiding force when guitarist Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash in Macon, Georgia. Words cannot describe the magnitude of devastation that hit the group, but the notion that the band might call it quits was quickly discounted - Duane would have wanted them to play on, so play on they did. Replacing Duane with another guitarist, however, was not an option, so the Allman Brothers decided to move forward as a quintet. They finished recording the studio album that they were working on at the time of Duane's passing - subsequently entitled Eat a Peach - and produced three classic tracks; "Ain't Wastin' Time No More," "Melissa," and "Les Brers in A Minor."

The remaining members - Gregg Allman on vocals and keyboards, Dickey Betts on guitar, Berry Oakley on bass, and drummers Butch Trucks and Jaimoe - hit the stage less than a month after Duane's death, and the music that literally burned with passion served as the best possible form of grieving. At the same time, their style of music was forced to change - missing were the dual harmony lines of Duane and Dickey, as well as Duane's slide guitar mastery. As a result, responsibilities shifted within the group. Aside from now being the only guitarist in a traditional two-guitar line-up, Dickey also took on the unenviable task of playing Duane's slide parts on some of the band's signature tunes, a challenge he more than met - Dickey displayed a versatility that few knew he possessed. Gregg stepped up his Hammond B-3 playing, and his vocals were more important than ever. It was Berry Oakley, however, who underwent the largest transformation. Berry had always played bass like a third guitarist, but with Duane gone, Oakley's playing became monstrous - his thundering lines filled all sorts of voids in the music with an emotion and splendor that was part evil, part magic.

This two-CD package is taken from a show at the Macon Auditorium on February 11, 1972. It was the band's 23rd show without Duane, and the first in their hometown since his loss. Playing two sets that day, the band put on a five-star performance - the music sounded comfortable, natural, and powerful.

After Gregg dedicated the show to "Brother Duane," the Allmans launched into "Statesboro Blues" with Dickey's country-flavored slide and Berry's prowling bass setting the tone, which carried over into a lean "Done Somebody Wrong." Gregg then announced a new song, "Ain't Wastin' Time No More," which was Eat a Peach poignant. A cooking "One Way Out" has Gregg on piano duplicating Duane's slide riff, and then comes a version of "Midnight Rider" with Dickey and Berry combining forces to make up for Duane's absence. The 21-minute "You Don't Love Me" absolutely belongs to Dickey Betts, who delivers a majestic, soaring run that encapsulates the utmost brilliance of his skills. Gregg shines on a sultry "Stormy Monday," which gives way to "Hoochie Coochie Man," where Oakley's whimsical vocals are in stark contrast to his precise bass playing, and "Hot 'Lanta" shows that the ABB could still swing like a jazz band.

Disc Two kicks off with "Les Brers in A Minor," and Berry's bass surges like a tide as Dickey blisters the fretboard, with Butch and Jaimoe underneath, pushing everyone along. "Trouble No More" - sans slide- segues into Berry's renowned opening to "Whipping Post," which showcases a compelling solo by Dickey that climaxes with a maddening crescendo. It was the perfect closer to a day when the Allman Brothers truly were hittin' the note for the folks in Macon.

By the late summer of 1972, the group found itself going through an unplanned but fulfilling transition. During this time, a series of informal jams with the Allman Brothers and a hot young keyboardist named Chuck Leavell took place, and the musical dialogue spoke volumes. The solution to filling out the band's sound became clear - instead of adding another guitarist, they would bring in Chuck's piano as a second lead instrument, and in October 1972, they entered Capricorn Studios to begin work on their next record. After 92 shows, the "Five-Man Band" segment of the Allman Brothers ended on November 2, 1972, when the new line-up played its first gig at Hofstra University, which was taped for ABC's late-night program, In Concert.

Just as the band seemed to be righting itself and heading in a new direction, tragedy struck again. On November 11, 1972, Berry Oakley was killed when his motorcycle collided with a city bus in Macon, only three blocks from the site of Duane's fatal crash. Despite the incomprehensible loss of another Brother, the ABB gamely moved on, adding Lamar Williams on bass and finishing the album Brothers and Sisters, which was dedicated to Berry.

Enjoy this special slice of Allman Brothers' history - just crank up that bass and let 'er boom, 'cause that's what B.O. woulda wanted.

John Lynskey
Hittin' the Note Magazine

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1
1. Statesboro Blues - 5:38
2. Done Somebody Wrong - 3:45
3. Ain't Wastin' Time No More - 4:56
4. One Way Out - 6:58
5. Midnight Rider - 3:14
6. You Don't Love Me - 21:32
7. Stormy Monday - 8:26
8. Hoochie Coochie Man - 4:49
9. Hot 'Lanta - 6:18

Disc 2
1. Les Brers In A Minor - 11:55
2. Trouble No More - 3:53
3. Whipping Post - 16:10

Art-Nr.: 8058
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 11,90

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BoDeans - indigo dreams [2011]
Hervorragendes, neues Album von Kurt Neumann and Sammy Llanas, aka The BoDeans, die damit wieder zurück zu ihren Wurzeln gehen und den doch etwas experimentierfreudigen Vorgänger hinter sich lassen. Was wir hören ist allerbester Rootsrock/-pop in der typischen BoDeans-Tradition, die ihnen vor 25 Jahren anlässlich ihres damaligen Debutalbums den Titel der "Best New American Band" durch die Leser des amerikanischen "Rolling Stone" einbrachte. Herrlich melodische Songs mit tollem Gesang und eingängigen Arrangements. Klasse Teil!

Hier der offizielle Text des Labels zur Veröffentlichung im Original:

Twenty five years after their T-Bone Burnett produced debut Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams led them to win a Rolling Stone reader s poll as Best New American Band, The BoDeans are still rocking and harmonizing gracefully, touring the U.S. regularly and exposing the kids of their longtime steadfast fans to real, heartfelt and trend-free music. Best known for their mid-90 s Billboard Top 20 hit anthem Closer To Free, which became the theme song for Fox s Party Of Five, the dynamic musical duo Kurt Neumann (vocals and electric and acoustic guitars) and Sam Llanas (vocals and acoustic guitar) is still focused on writing songs that bring good things to the world. Their latest album, Indigo Dreams, is a salute to the working man his dreams, his desires, his love, his responsibilities, his ethos.
For the BoDeans, the fact that their music was never easily pigeonholed into a specific genre or style was more a strength than a problem as their career developed. They followed their debut with Outside Looking In (1987), Home (1989), Black and White (1991), and Go Slow Down (1993), which featured Closer To Free which became a massive pop and adult contemporary hit when the world heard it every week via Party of Five. They released the 2 CD live set Joe Dirt Car and Blend (1996).
A few years after the release of the 17-song compilation The Best of BoDeans Slash and Burn in 2001, they returned to studio recording with Resolution (2004) and then a live album and subsequent DVD called Homebrewed: Live From The Pabst. Still was released in 2008.
The enduring success of the BoDeans is a byproduct of making music that creates a special connection to moments in people s lives. It s not always this dramatic, says Neumann, but we do hear of stories where people are ill or dying and our songs give them a sense of joy and hope. It s always wonderful to be important to peoples lives. We also saw this YouTube clip of two kids in car seats singing one of our songs on a family road trip. Their parents are playing our songs and we are a part of their world in that moment. I want to know someday that I ve brought good things into this world, and this kind of fan response confirms that Sam and I have been able to do this.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1 Blowin' My Mind - 4:09   
2 Paved in Gold - 3:38   
3 Right Now - 4:02   
4 How Can We - 4:14   
5 Way Down - 3:44   
6 Sad Eyes - 3:58   
7 Wrap Me - 3:55   
8 Me Again - 4:11   
9 Don't Wanna Go - 3:14   
10 Rock N Roll Overdrive - 4:48   
11 Father's Day - 4:34   
12 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - 4:14   
13 Mercy - 4:25

Art-Nr.: 7489
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Blowin' my mind
Paved in gold
Way down
Sad eyes
Wrap me
Rock n Roll overdrive

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Crowell, Rodney - close ties [2017]
Rodney Crowell mit einem exzellenten neuen Album!

Hier die Original-Produktbeschreibung:

Rodney Crowell’s new album, Close Ties, demonstrates his strengths as a songwriter and illustrates how he has learned to balance personal recollection, literary sophistication, and his profound musical reach. Close Ties is at once his most intimate record and his most accessible, the product of years of understanding the ways songs can enter—and be entered by—life. “It’s a loose concept album, you could say,” Crowell says. “And the concept is related to how you tell stories about yourself. Having a few years ago written a memoir, my sensibilities toward narrative—especially trying to find a common thread in different pieces of writing—had become a part of my songwriting process.” Close Ties is a roots record, in the sense that Crowell himself has deep roots that stretch back into the alternative country scene of the early seventies. The rise of Americana music has struck a nerve with Crowell. “I have declared my loyalty to Americana. It’s a hard category for people to get their heads around, or at least the terminology is. But all the people who represent it—Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and more recent stars like John Paul White and Jason Isbell—share a common thread, and that thread is poetry. Whether they are actual poets or their music exemplifies a poetic sensibility, generally speaking, the Americana artist shuns commercial compromise in favor of a singular vision. Which resonates with me.” There is also a powerful undercurrent of the blues running through the record. “Recently, I think—I hope—that my study of the blues is starting to show up in my music. Those artists, whether it’s Lightnin’ Hopkins or John Lee Hooker or the acoustic Delta players, connected to something fundamental. With that in mind, I’m trying to move forward but also get back there.”

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. East Houston Blues - 3:37
2. Reckless
3. Life Without Susanna
4. It Ain't Over Yet - 5:14
5. I Don't Care Anymore
6. I'm Tied To Ya
7. Forgive Me Annabelle
8. Forty Miles From Nowhere
9. Storm Warning
10. Nashville 1972

Art-Nr.: 9413
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 9,90

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Deadstring Brothers - cannery row [2013]
Fünftes Album der großartigen Detroiter Rootsrock-Institution, die sich mittlerweile weitestgehend in Nashville aufhält. Es gibt wohl kaum eine Band in der heutigen Roots./Americana-/Alternate Country-Welt, die die Einflüsse der bahnbrechenden Rolling Stones "Exile in main street"-Ära mit der Countryrock-Mentalität eines Gram Parsons besser und authentischer verbindet als die "Deadstrings" um ihren Mastermind Kurt Marschke. Auch auf "Cannery row" kommt das wieder hervorragend zur Geltung, wobei man diesmal der großen Verehrung Gram Parsons' noch mehr Tribut zollt als bei den bisherigen Alben. Dementsprechend ist das neue Werk weniger rockig als die Vorgänger ausgefallen. Die Kompositionen entsprechen deutlich der Philosophie Parsons' und bewegen sich vorwiegend im sehr rootsigen, trockenen und staubig gehaltenen, rauen Countryrock-Bereich, den die legendäre Westcoast-Ikone in den Siebzigern definierte und der noch heute unendlich viel Einfluss auf nahezu alle Künstler der Szene ausübt. Auf der anderen Seite bewahren die Deadstring Brothers aber auch gewisse Gene ihrer Heimatstadt Detroit und kombinieren sie mit einem gewissen Nashville Outlaw-Charme und dem Spirit von The Band. All das miteinander verschmolzen ergibt in etwa den Sound von "Cannery row". Feine Gitarren aller Art, immer wieder eine herrlich heulende Pedal Steel, großartig rollende Orgel-Klänge und Klavier-Einsätze, ein toller, klar in den Seventies fundamentierter, rootsiger Countryrock-Groove - das sind die Eckdaten dieses klasse Albums, das die Band bewusst in einem sehr retro gehaltenen Gewand präsentiert. Alles "was recorded on and mixed on analog tape", stellt die Truppe expizit heraus, was das Seventies-Feeling entscheidend unterstreicht. "Like a hitchhiker with a dirty backpack, a well-worn leather hat, a beat up guitar case and a wistful distant smile, the Brothers have piled up stories like the highway miles and created something pretty damn close to that old Gram Parsons dream of Cosmic American Music", heisst es in einem U.S.-Review. Dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen. Die Deadstring Brothers gehen weiter ihren Weg - und sie machen das richtig klasse.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Like a California Wildfire - 4:20
2. It's Morning Irene - 4:08
3. Oh Me Oh My - 4:28
4. Long Lonely Ride - 3:34
5. Cannery Row - 4:01
6. Lucille's Intro - :31
7. Lucille's Honky Tonk - 3:29
8. The Mansion - 3:55
9. Just a Deck of Cards - 3:50
10. Talkin' with a Man in Montana - 4:28
11. Song for Bobbie Jo - 4:01

Art-Nr.: 8124
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Like a California wildfire
Oh me oh my
Long lonely ride
Cannery row
Just a deck of cards
Takjin' with a man in Montana

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Ehrhardt, Sena - live my life [2014]
"Sena Ehrhardt has emerged as one of the freshest and most dynamic young voices on the blues scene today", urteilt die einschlägige, amerikanische Presse. In der Tat haben wir es hier mit einem Riesen-Talent zu tun. "Live my life" ist bereits das dritte Werk der jungen, überaus attraktiven Blondine aus Rochester im U.S.-Bundesstaat Minnesota - und es ist ein ganz wunderbares Blues-/Bluesrock-Werk geworden, fundamentiert im traditionellen Blues, doch verpackt in ein genauso zeitloses wie top-aktuelles Ambiente voller, knackiger Rock-, Soul- und Funk-Anteile, zuweilen auch garneirt mit leichten "Pop-Sensibilities", das prächtig hängen bleibt und einen vollends überzeugt - von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute. Die Singer-Songwriterin, nach eigenen Angaben beeinflusst von solch unterschiedlichen Leuten wie Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi (Tedeschi Trucks Band), B.B. King, Koko Taylor, The Fabulous Thunderbirds und Luther Allison, verfügt über eine großartige, leicht heisere, sehr kraftvolle, starke Stimme, mit der sie in der Lage ist von laszivem "bedroom whisper" bis " powerful punching you right between the eyes" zu variieren. Begleitet wird Sena von einer großartigen Band, allen voran der fabelhafte Gitarrist Cole Allen, der hier ganz groß aufspielt und mit den bekannte "Guitarslingern" der Bluesrock-Szene problemlos mithalten kann. Seine Riffs und Soli sind allererste Sahne. Zudem fungiert er neben Ehrhardt als Komponist und Co-Komponist und steuert sowohl erstklassigen Background- wie auch Lead-Gesang bei. Sehr stark hier sein Duett mit der Frontfrau bei der prächtigen Ballade "Too late to ask". Das gesamte Songmaterial (neben den Eigenkompositionen und einem Stück ihres Keyboardes Bruce McCabe gibt es drei ausgesuchte Coverversionen) besticht mit großartigen Melodien und Strukturen, aber auch einem erdigen, fetten Gitarren-Sound (eine "tighte", stake Rhythmusfraktion und hervorragend integrierte Piano-, Wurlitzer-, und Orgel-Ergänzungen tun ihr übriges), den das bekannte Produzenten-Genie David Z bravourös in Szene gesetzt hat. Kein Wunder, dass die Truppe bei dieser Klasse bereits im Vorprogramm solcher Größen wie B.B. King, ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Dickey Betts, Johnny Winter und Gregg Allman aufgetreten ist. Schon der Opener des Albums, "Stakes have gone up", ist ein Killer-Track, ein voller Soul steckender, toll groovender, genauso flüssiger, wie knackiger und druckvoller Uptempo-Bluesrocker, der einen unmittelbar beeindruckt und "aufhorchen" lässt. Man ist jetzt schon gefangen von dieser Musik. Sena singt voller Seele und Herz, und Cole Allen brilliert mit feuriger Gitarrenarbeit (saustarkes Solo), unterstützt von nicht allzu aufdringlichem, angenehmem Piano-Geklimper. Ein Auftakt nach Mass - und es geht ohne Ausnahme so weiter. Mit dem kochenden "Things you shoudn't need to know" folgt ein dampfender, klasse rockender Blues-Shuffle, bei dem sich Gast Smokin' Jo Kubek mit seiner magischen Slide und Allen ein glühendes Gitarren-Duell liefern. Mit der Lawrence Williams-Komposition "Slow down" hören wir anschließend einen wunderbar lässig groovenden, schön lockeren, mit einer leichten Funk-Note versehenen Retro-Bluesrocker, dessen starke Gitarren-Licks von herrlichen Piano- und Wurlitzer-Klängen begleitet werden. Natürlich fehlt auch hier das obligarorische Gitarrensolo von Allen nicht, dass der Meister mit einem ordentlich erdigen, dreckigen Ritt abliefert. Hat gar entfernt was von Led Zeppelin. Klasse! Nun nimmt sich Miss Ehrhardt den alten Freddie King-/Leon Russell-Klassiker "Help me through the day" vor und interpretiert ihn in Form einer hingebungsvollen, ungemein inspirierten Ballade, ehe bei dem kochenden, melodischen Titelstück "Live my life" (krachende Riffs) wieder mehr aufs Gaspedal gedrückt wird. Ganz stark auch die Fassung von Albert Collins' "If trouble was money", das Sena seelig vorträgt und bei dem Cole Allen wieder mit einem fulminanten, ausgedehnten Solo brilliert. "Live my life" ist ein fabelhaftes Album von einem der besten, weiblichen Talente, die die aktuelle Blues-/ und Bluesrock-Szene zu bieten hat. Ehrhardt's Potenzial scheint riesig zu sein, das spürt man zu jeder Minute. Da steht womöglich eine große Karriere bevor. Wie dem auch sei, dieses Werk jedenfalls bietet "finest soulful female Bluesrock" der allerersten Güte, eingespielt mit einer klasse Band inklusive eines herausragenden Gitarrsiten.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Stakes Have Gone Up - 3:18
2. Things You Shouldn't Need to Know - 4:35
3. Slow Down - 3:41
4. Help Me Through the Day - 4:43
5. Live My Life - 3:49
6. Chilled to the Bone - 4:00
7. Too Late to Ask - 4:34
8. Everybody Is You - 3:53
9. If Trouble Was Money - 5:49
10. Did You Ever Love Me at All - 3:46
11. Come Closer - 4:27

Art-Nr.: 8773
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Stakes have gone up
Things you shouldn't need to know
Slow down
Help me through the day
Live my life
If trouble was money
Come closer

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Haggard, Merle - i am what i am [2010]
Brandneues Album der mittlerweile 72-jährihen Countrymusic-Legende aus Californien, Haggard, der zusammen mit Buck Owens den Bakersfield-Sound massgeblich mit prägte, zählt zu den ganz Großen der klassischen, zeitgenössischen Countrymusic, dessen Einfluss auf unzählige Musiker nach wie vor ungebrochen ist. Und das er's noch immer kann, beweist er eindrucksvoll mit seinem neuen Werk: Klassischer Haggard-Country ohne jeden modernen "Firlefanz", authentisch auf den Punkt gebracht.

Hier die ausführliche Original-Produktinformation des Labels zu dieser Veröffentlichung:

California country music legend Merle Haggard's debut Vanguard release, I Am What I Am bristles with all the arresting qualities for which this unrivaled artist is prized. Every song is imbued with the near alchemical power of his dazzling vocal performances, and Haggard's interpretive mastery and unmatched phrasing continues to bring on impressive measures of sensitivity, candor and authority. Never conventional, often confrontational, always outspoken, the 72 year old Haggard remains as aggressively bent on revealing unspoken truths as ever.
From the astonishing opener, "I've Seen It Go Away," Haggard throws a flurry of knock-out punches. A stunningly blunt rundown of contemporary America's cultural decay--targeting everything from politics to pop music--it's prescient and pessimistic, but carries an unflinching honesty that trumps mere cynicism. When he sings "I`ve seen it all completely fall apart / and I`ve seen our greatest leaders break their peoples heart" it`s downright chilling, but the album doesn't dwell on woe. It's a typically far-reaching set, but remains centered around a series of contemplations on love, in all of its intoxicating and vexing forms. Examining romance with a poet's beatific vulnerability, Haggard travels from the ardent bloom of romance to the intricate ensemble of family life to the burnt out confusion of fading passion, yet always returns to love`s eternally redemptive power. This is Hag at his best, with his hair down, remarkably intimate and sincere.

Over a distinguished fifty year-plus career that's taken him from a drastically misspent criminal youth to solitary confinement in San Quentin to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Haggard has memorably portrayed, in song, myriad archetypal characters. Whether fugitive, troubadour, misfit or crusader, he's explored each perspective with a critical acuity, a hard-won skill that's allowed him to score no less than 40 number one country hits. With I Am What I Am, Haggard really looks inward, going all the way back to his Oildale childhood on sentimental reminiscence "Oil Tanker Train," which Haggard called "My favorite song on the album--that's a true deal." Rough-edged numbers like "Stranger in the City" and the rowdy "Mexican Band" carries the set all the way up to the singer's still barely-controlled hell-raising ways--on the latter, he unforgettably declares "Agave makes me dance on my hands." But on tracks like "Pretty When It's New," a study of new love's marvelous voltage, and "How Did You Find Me Here" which convincingly takes him from morbid depression to elated joy, Haggard sounds almost re-born, intensely involved and consumed with a sheer sense of wonder that's enhanced further by those characteristically masterful vocals.

Recorded with his ace band the Strangers, many of whom have been at Hag's side for decades, at his Northern California headquarters, the Shade Tree Manor studio, and co-produced by indispensable, longtime cohort Lou Bradley, the album was largely a family affair. "It was pretty much just the Strangers, but Reggie Young and Rob Ikes played on it, and we had an additional drummer that worked with us, George Receli from the Bob Dylan band." Haggard said. "Sometimes we try to find an inspiring player, to come and inspire us." That quality was clearly not in short supply, and Haggard's musical concepts and execution continue to flabbergast.

Equally at ease with hard country realism and jazz-informed expression, Haggard's songwriting is operating at an entirely new and impressive artistic plateau. "Bad Actor" is a remarkable soliloquy on married life and the vortex of hope, guilt, confusion and doubt it can instill. Delivered in the simplest language yet dealing with some highly intricate and subtle emotional issues, it is an altogether moving and unique achievement. Haggard's often closely guarded innocence is completely exposed, showing an incredible tenderness that, considering the counterpoint of his battle-scarred, hardened exterior, creates a profoundly resonant experience.

Closing with "I Am What I Am," the title track's unflinching self-assessment crystallizes the singer's own personal state of the union. Equally relaxed and ornery, confident, focused and as controversial as ever, Haggard knows exactly who he is--"a seeker and a sinner"--and taken with the fierce opening salvo of "I've Seen It Go Away," he still refuses to downplay or shy away from our common, harsh reality. "Its pretty sad actually, it just seems like its one thing after another that we lose every day." Haggard said. "You get up, turn on the radio and something else went down the drain. I guess people like you and I--people that care--have got to bind together somehow, and maybe doing that through the music is the best way." (Vanguard)

Die komplette Songliste:

1 I've Seen It Go Away - 3:00   
2 Pretty When It's New - 3:12   
3 Oil Tanker Train - 3:02   
4 Live and Love Always - 2:30   
5 The Road To My Heart - 2:50   
6 How Did You Find Me Here - 3:55   
7 We're Falling In Love Again - 3:31   
8 Bad Actor - 3:28   
9 Down At the End of the Road - 3:10   
10 Stranger In the City - 2:09   
11 Mexican Bands - 3:27   
12 I Am What I Am - 2:38

Art-Nr.: 6870
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Phish - ventura [2013]
6 CD-Set! Phish in Californien - ein herrliches Sommer-Happening für alle Phishheads. Tolles, neues Live 6 CD-Set der exzellenten Jamrock-Formation mit 2 kompletten Konzerten aus den Ventura Country Fairgrounds vom 30. July 1997 und 20. July 1998.

Aius der Original-Produktbeschreibung:
Phish will release "Ventura", an all new 6-CD box set featuring two complete shows, recorded July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, California, a general admission dirt racetrack between the Pacific Coast Highway and Surfers Point Park, with palm trees and mountains behind the stage and a view of the Pacific Ocean from the bleachers. Bits of the each show's Soundchecks are included at the end of both shows.
The new box set was fully remixed from the band's multitrack masters and mastered for release. July 30, 1997 was Phish's first Ventura stop since Trey learned to surf nearby in 1993. The show featured a number of must-hear performances including a bass-driven, syncopated "Wolfman's Brother" > "Chalk Dust Torture", a deep and spacey "Stash" and "Character Zero" in Set I. A "Free" > "David Bowie" > "Cities" > "David Bowie" combination dominated the show's second half with some of the summer's biggest jams.
On July 20, 1998 Phish again encountered Ventura's breezy oceanside. Ventura '98 was characterized by some new songs and some bustouts. The first set included a "Bathtub Gin" opener, a new arrangement of "Water In The Sky", the swinging funk of "The Moma Dance" and a "Split Open And Melt" Set I closer. Set II exploded with a bass-and-drums-fueled "Drowned" > "Makisupa Policeman" pairing that utilized Page's synth stylings to seamlessly blend rock and reggae. "Maze" led to a perfectly placed "Sea And Sand".

Original-Review von Rovi:
A six-disc archival set, Ventura chronicles summer concerts Phish gave at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in the back half of the '90s, by which time their status as the titans of jam was well-established. The first show here is from July of 1997, the second performed a year later, which means both arrived during the two-year gap separating 1996's Billy Breathes and 1998's The Story of the Ghost -- two years where the band's popularity was on the rise and it certainly seemed like a crossover was perhaps within their sites. That crossover never happened and these two shows indicate the band never seriously thought about moving into the mainstream, preferring to ride a sweet, hazy, sun-soaked vibe that fits Southern California in the late summer. A few covers surface -- Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" was played in 1997, Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" in 1998 -- and soundcheck jams round out the third disc of each show, but the appeal of Ventura is, as always, how Phish tackle their core catalog, choosing to dig deep on "David Bowie" and let "Halley's Comet" float out as coda in 1998. It's a good summer soundtrack for Phisheads.
(Stephen Thomas Erlewine)

Die kompletten Setlists:

Disc 1
1. NICU - 6:06
2. Wolfman's Brother - 11:59
3. Chalk Dust Torture - 11:07
4. Water in the Sky - 4:11
5. Stash - 15:23
6. Weigh - 5:08
7. Piper - 5:06
8. Cars Trucks Buses - 4:49
9. Character Zero - 9:20

Disc 2
1. Punch You in the Eye - 8:56
2. Free - 11:16
3. David Bowie - 21:29
4. Cities - 5:29
5. David Bowie - 6:08

Disc 3
1. Bouncing Around the Room - 3:54
2. Uncle Pen - 4:14
3. Prince Caspian - 8:55
4. Fire - 6:51
5. My Soul - 6:02
6. Ventura '97 Soundcheck Jam - 9:18

Disc 4
1. Bathtub Gin - 21:55
2. Dirt - 4:02
3. Poor Heart - 3:51
4. Lawn Boy - 3:04
5. My Sweet One - 3:05
6. Birds of a Feather - 6:19
7. Theme from the Bottom - 9:29
8. Water in the Sky - 2:47
9. The Moma Dance - 9:56
10. Split Open and Melt - 14:00

Disc 5
1. Drowned - 14:52
2. Makisupa Polliceman - 8:08
3. Maze - 12:10
4. Sea and Sand - 3:10
5. Prince Caspian - 12:11
6. Harry Hood - 15:31

Disc 6
1. Sexual Healing - 7:48
2. Hold Your Head Up - 1:41
3. Halley's Comet - 10:58
4. Ventura '98 Soundcheck Jam - 13:38

Art-Nr.: 8215
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 33,90

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Statesboro Revue, The - ramble on privilege creek [2013]
Zweiter, ganz großartiger Streich der Mannen um Bandleader und Songwriter Stewart Mann. 2009 hatten The Statesboro Revue mit "Different Kind Of Light" ein von Kritikern zurecht überschwengliche und hoch gelobtes Debüt gefeiert, das vor allem in der Southern Rock-Szene für mächtig Furore sorgte. Seit dieser Zeit hat sich einiges getan. Die Band hat mit vielen namhaften Acts wie u.a. The Allman Brothers Band, den Los Lonely Boys, Willie Nelson, Whiskey Myers, Randy Rogers Band, Eli Young Band, The Marshall Tucker Band und Will Hoge die Bühne geteilt, dabei ebenfalls glänzende Kritiken erfahren. Mastermind Stewart Mann, der im letzten Jahr zudem noch die Hauptrolle in der Buddy Holly Story ergattern konnte, hat die Band zum neuen Album "Ramble On Privilege Creek" komplett umgekrempelt. Bis auf die beiden Backgroundsängerinnen Sonya Moore und Sheree Smith hat seine Statesboro Revue eine komplette Runderneuerung zugunsten einer erheblich variableren musikalischen Darstellungsweise erhalten. Mit dabei ist in zentraler Position jetzt auch sein jüngerer Bruder Garrett (ebenfalls beim Musical mit involviert), der teilweise beim Songwriting eingebunden war und bei einigen Tracks ("Huck Finn", "Lil Mary’s Last Stand", "Isabella" und "Wildflower") für einen ruraleren Zusatzanstrich sorgte (mit Dobro, Banjo, Fiddle, z.T. keltischen, folkigen Untertönen), wobei die southern-rockige Gesamtausrichtung natürlich gewahrt blieb, aber nicht so im Vordergrund stand wie beim Debut.. Dieses Werk ist vielmehr auch als ein aussergewöhnlich starkes Album des Texas Roots-, Americana-, und Countryrocks zu betrachten, was alles andere als ein Nachteil ist. Die Verschmelzung der einzelnen musikalische Ströme machts - und die gelingt höchst eindrucksvoll und mündet in prächtigen Songs. Auch die exzellente Produktion wurde diesmal teamintern abgewickelt (das Debüt war noch von Grammy-Gewinner David Z - Prince, Buddy Guy, Gov’t Mule - betreut worden). Der fantastische Opener "Fade My Shade Of Black" macht allerdings nahezu da weiter, wo man mit "A Different Kind Of Light" aufgehört hatte. Herrlich dieses unbekümmerte Pendeln zwischen schwülem, groovendem Roots-und dezent retroinfiziertem Southern Rock mit tollen E-Gitarren, sattem Slide-E-Solo und bluesigem Harp-Teil. Bands wie Zack Williams & The Reformation oder Whiskey Myers, aber auch The Band Of Heathens lassen grüßen, zumal Stewart Manns Stimme in der Nähe von Ed Jurdi angesiedelt ist. "Half Mile To Lincoln" oder das starke "Live A Little" (toll mit progressiven Pink-Floyd-Reminiszenzen, erinnert ein wenig an Blackberry Smokes "The Whippoorwill") schlagen in eine ähnliche Kerbe. Stücke wie "Cold November", "Another Day In Rome" und "Love Run Easy" haben hingegen einen ruhigeren Teint, verbreiten aber eine unglaublich schwüle Atmosphäre voller trockener Melancholie, wie man sie wohl nur im Süden der Vereinigten Staaten musikalisch transportieren kann. Exzellent dazu passend natürlich die schönen weiblichen "Ooh-ooh"- und "Aah-aah"-Backs der beiden bereits o. a. geführten Mädels. Grandios wird es auch immer dann, wenn Statesboro Revue zeitgemäßen Southern Rock mit dem Retro-Feeling der Seventies kombinieren. Paradebespiele hierfür "Til I Leave" oder das abschließende furiose "Hands On The Sun". Letztgenanntes Lied wirkt, als wenn sich die The Black Crows mit Led Zeppelin zu einer Jam-Session eingefunden hätten, erstgenanntes kommt im damaligen typischen Psychedelic-Ambiente, Mann kreischt in den Refrains wie einst Robert Plant. Nicht zuletzt aufgrund dieser stimmlichen Wandlungsfähigkeit zählt Stewart Mann wohl mit zu den talentiertesten Führungspersönlichkeiten und Hoffnungsträgern des Genres. Der ist dann auch voll zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis von "Ramble On Privilege Creek": “This album is extremely broad in subject matter and style, in musicality and production, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve always strived to create a sound that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel; merely merge the little idiosyncrasies of all my influences and shape them in a manner that might someday be looked upon as my own unique sound. I think this record is as close as I have ever been to accomplishing that goal.” Dem können wir nur voll und ganz zustimmen! The Statesboro Revue legen mit "Ramble On Privilege Creek" einen tollen Nachfolger hin und reihen sich vorbehaltslos in die neue aufkommende junge Generation an Southern Rock Bands wie Blackberry Smoke, Whiskey Myers & Co, ein, wenngleich Mann's Truppe etwas rootsiger und Americana-mässiger daher kommt. Die arrivierten Bands der Gattung wie Lynyrd Skynyrd & Co. können mit dieser variantenreichen Musik in kreativer Hinsicht kaum noch Schritt halten. Große Klasse, die Jungs! (Daniel Daus)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Fade My Shade of Black - 2:48
2. Huck Finn - 3:42
3. Cold November - 3:50
4. Til I Leave - 3:36
5. Half Mile to Lincoln - 3:51
6. Live a Little - 4:24
7. Lil Mary's Last Stand - 2:50
8. Isabella - 3:38
9. Love Run Easy - 3:12
10. Another Day in Rome - 4:17
11. Wildflower - 2:52
12. Hands on the Sun - 4:47

Art-Nr.: 8126
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Fade my shade of black
Huck Finn
Cold November
Til I leave
Love run easy
Hands on the sun

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