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Cook, Elizabeth - welder [2010]
Großartiges Werk von Elizabeth Cook, mit dem sie einerseits durchaus wieder auf den Spuren traditioneller Countryklänge, wie sie es auf dem 2007 erschienenen Vorgänger "Balls" zelebrierte, wandelt (ihre Einflüsse von Dolly Parton sind eindeutig spürbar), sich andererseit aber immer mehr in Richtung Roots, Americana und Alternate Country entwickelt. Dabei lässt sie sich offenbar sehr stark von der großen Lucinda Williams inspirieren, deren Terrain sie, wie auch das solcher Kolleginnen und Kollegen wie Buddy & Julie Miller, Allison Moorer, Rodney Crowell und Rosanne Cash, immer wieder äusserst kompetent betritt. Cook verfügt über eine immense Ausstrahlung. Dazu ist das Songmaterial einfach große Klasse. Highlights, wie beispielsweise der rockige, spröde Rootsrocker "El Camino" mit seinem satten "All I wanna do"-Groove (nur viel "dreckiger" und nicht so poppig wie bei Sheryl Crow - dafür ungemein "cool"), die wunderbare Americana-Ballade "Not California" mit ihren feinen Steelguitar-Fills (Background Gesang: Rodney Crowell), der freche, raue, Party-taugliche, stimmungsvolle Roadhouse Country-Tonker "Yes to booty", die staub trockene Ballade "Blackland farmer" (ein baumstarkes Frankie Miller-Cover), das straight rockende, von kernigen, satten E-Gitarren-Riffs getragene "Rock N Roll man", die schöne, flotte, traditionelle Countrynummer "Snake in the bed" oder der gemeinsam mit Dwight Yoakam vorgetragene, urige Barroom Honky Tonker "I'll never know", zeigen überaus eindrucksvoll, welch grenzenloses Potenzial in der Singer/Songwriterin aus Wildwood/Florida steckt. Begleitet wird sie von einer exzellenten Band, angeführt von ihrem Ehemann Tim Carroll (Gitarren, Banjo, Harmonica, Background Gesang). Produziert hat das Album niemand geringeres als Don Was. Eindeutig Elizabeth Cook's bislang abwechslungsreichstes, individuellstes und innovativstes, aber vielleicht auch ihr natürlichstes Werk - und ganz klar eines ihrer besten! Tolle Scheibe - weit weg vom Nashville-Mainstream!

Die komplette Tracklist:

1 All the Time - 2:53   
2 El Camino - 2:43   
3 Not California - 3:52   
4 Heroin Addict Sister - 4:01   
5 Yes to Booty - 2:04   
6 Blackland Farmer - 2:35   
7 Girlfriend Tonight - 3:09   
8 Rock n Roll Man - 3:11   
9 Mama's Funeral - 4:00   
10 I'm Beginning to Forget - 3:08   
11 Snake in the Bed - 2:05   
12 Follow You Like Smoke - 3:35   
13 I'll Never Know - 2:51   
14 Til Then - 3:05

Art-Nr.: 6918
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 9,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
El Camino
Not California
Yes to booty
Blackland farmer
Rock N Roll man
Mama's funeral
Snake in the bed

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Garcia, Jerry - garcia live vol. 3: december 14-15, 1974 northwest tour [2013]
3 CD-Set! Teil 3 der neuen GarciaLive-Reihe - und wieder ist es ein Fest für die Jerry Garcia-Gemeinde und die Deadheads. Mitgeschnitten am 14 Dezember 1974 im Paramount Theatre von Portland/OR und am 15. Dezember 1974 im EMU Ballroom von Eugene/OR, enthält dieses 3 CD-Set über 2 1/2 Stunden bisher unveröffentlichter Konzertaufnahmen von Garcia's vielleicht experimentier- und improvisationsfreudigen, fantastischen Projekt "Legion Of Mary". Tolles Teil!

Legion Of Mary waren:

Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band) - guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders (Miles Davis, B.B. King, Garcia/Saunders) - keyboards, vocals
John Kahn (Jerry Garcia Band. Al Kooper, John Lee Hooker) - bass
Martin Fierro (Zero, James Cotton, Quicksilver Messenger Service) - saxophone
Ron Tutt (Elvis, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash) - drums

Die offizielle Produktbeschreibung:

GarciaLive Volume Three: December 14-15, 1974 Northwest Tour celebrating one of Jerry’s most experimental, improvisational and revered projects: Legion of Mary. Scheduled for release on October 15, 2013, GarciaLive Volume Three presents highlights from two winter 1974 performances captured during what is thought to be Legion of Mary’s first tour featuring the core lineup of Garcia, Merl Saunders, John Kahn, Martin Fierro and Ron Tutt.
Garcia’s voice and playing sound inspired and youthful while Saunders drives the soul with the organ and his gruff, husky singing voice, effortlessly paired with Kahn’s and Tutt’s steady rhythm and Fierro’s perfectly textured brass playing. The music more than delivers with the musical baton being passed around effortlessly, with leads chasing leads and the musicians following one another gracefully as evidenced on tracks like the hard-driving “Mystery Train” where the musician’s solos dance and sway with each other.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Disc 1 -
1. Boogie on Reggae Woman - 10.03
2. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - 7.56
3. Freedom Jazz Dance - 13.39
4. Mystery Train - 12.30
5. How Sweet It is (To Be Loved by You) - 11.06

Disc 2 -
1. You Can Leave Your Hat On - 16.27
2. Neighbor, Neighbor - 12.30
3. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - 8.24

Disc 3 -
1. It's No Use - 13.26
2. Valdez in the Country - 13.23
3. I Second That Emotion - 14.53
4. Wondering Why - 24.53
5. Roadrunner - 12.48

Art-Nr.: 8362
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 21,90

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Grateful Dead - road trips vol.4 No.2 - april fools, east rutherford 1988 [2018]
Nur sehr begrenzte Stückzahl vorhanden!

Sehr rar! 3 CD-Set! Neue exzellente Veröffentlichung aus der fantasischen Grateful Dead "Road trips"-Serie, der Nachfolge-Serie von den berühmten "Dick's Picks"-Releases. Ein weiteres begnadetes Live-Dokument aus den Dead-Archiven. Es handelt sich um das komplette Konzert vom 1. April 1988 und zusätzlich ein paar Highlights aus der Show tags davor, also am 31. April 1988, jeweils aus der berühmten Brendan Byrne Arena von East Rutherford/New Jersey . Der Sound ist klasse! Die Band ist in prächtiger Verfassung. Ein weiteres Live-Highlight für die vielen Deadheads..

Hier das offizielle Statement zu dieser Veröffentlichung von Blair Jackson:

You all know about the glory that was 1987. A year after we almost lost Jerry to his diabetic coma in the summer of ’86, the Dead were back, Jerry was the phoenix risen, and the band was bigger than ever: There was “Touch of Grey,” In the Dark, the stadium tour with Dylan, a huge influx of new Heads; it was good times all around, for sure. The band was revived and a new day dawned!
But when I interviewed Garcia for my old Dead ’zine, The Golden Road, the following autumn—1988—he revealed that he felt like he was just then finally catching up to his old, pre-coma self, “That is to say, having access to everything I know about playing. I’m getting to that point where it’s physically as comfortable… [and] feeling there.”
Indeed, 1988 was a fantastic year for the Dead, with some of the band’s most explosive and energetic playing, as the whole band rose to meet Garcia in his return to absolute peak form. This “high” washed over into 1989—a year that has been extensively documented with official releases in part because the band recorded so many shows on multi-track tape and multi-camera video (Downhill From Here,Truckin’ Up to Buffalo,Nightfall of Diamonds, the recent Formerly the Warlocks box). But 1988 has, curiously, been largely ignored, save for a single official download-only release many years ago of the epic 3/27/88 Hampton show. What gives? It’s certainly no reflection of the quality of the music from ’88, which most Dead Heads would agree was almost uniformly strong. You’ll find many folks singing the praises of runs at Kaiser, the Centrum, Irvine, Alpine, Frost, the Greek, Alpine, Oxford Plains in Maine, Laguna Seca… just solid stuff all around. Gets me tingly just thinkin’ about it!
Well, we haven’t forgotten ’88—far from it—and this edition of Road Trips (Vol. 4, No. 2) shows you why. It offers up the entire April 1, 1988 concert from the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, NJ (maybe you just called it “the Meadowlands” back in the day), plus the entire second set and a few first set highlights from the previous night’s show, March 31. That April Fools show is a real barn-burner, with a first set that includes a “double-opener” of high-octane versions of “Mississippi Half-Step” and “Jack Straw,” a rare and nearly perfect take on “To Lay Me Down” (played for just the second time since 1983), followed directly by the second (and final) GD-only version of Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man.” Less than a year after their six-show jaunt with the Mysterious One, Weir & Co. give the classic tune an impressively emotional workout; in fact, it’s hard to discern why it didn’t remain in the Dead’s repertoire after this evening. That first set also includes nearly manic versions of both “Cumberland” and “Deal.” Blazing!
There’s no letup in Set Two, either, as the band tears through what looks on paper like a fairly conventional set list, but in execution is far from that. “China Cat” > “Rider,” “Estimated” > “Eyes” and “The Other One” > “Wharf Rat” all sound fresh and alive, and seem to glow with fiery embers thanks to Garcia’s speedy and imaginative runs—basically the guy is on fire!
A few nuggets from the 3/31 first set are tucked onto the back side of Disc One—including a superb “Let It Grow”—and then that night’s second set fills the other disc, and it’s another rockin’ affair loaded with favorites: A “Scarlet” > “Fire” nearly the equal of the famous Hampton version just four nights earlier, a fine “Terrapin,” and a post-“Drums” that never lets up as it moves from “Goin’ Down the Road” into “Miracle,” “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” the coda of “Hey Jude,” and “Watchtower” in the closing slot. The encore is another Dylan tune, “Heaven’s Door”—a perfect grace note for a raucous and exciting show. We should also note that the “Rhythm Devils” and “Space” portions of each show are also fantastically varied and interesting—in the spring of ’89 Garcia will be the last band member to “go MIDI,” so this is provides a glimpse of the more “pure” Garcia “Space” tones.
Intrigued? You should be! It’s hot stuff from beginning to end. As is customary, the original recordings (in this case by Dan Healy) have been mastered to HDCD specs by Jeffrey Norman.

Die Komplette Setlist:

Disc 1:

1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo - 10:09
2. Jack Straw - 5:18
3. To Lay Me Down - 8:29
4. Ballad Of A Thin Man - 6:51
5. When Push Comes To Shove - 4:49
6. New Minglewood Blues - 7:47
7. Cumberland Blues - 5:51
8. Deal - 7:10
9. When I Paint My Masterpiece - 5:03
10. Let It Grow - 12:10
11. Brokedown Palace - 5:21

Disc 2:
1. Scarlet Begonias - 8:05
2. Fire On The Mountain - 11:34
3. Samson And Delilah - 6:39
4. Terrapin Station - 11:41
5. Rhythm Devils - 5:52
6. Space - 6:22
7. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad - 6:17
8. I Need A Miracle - 3:21
9. Dear Mr. Fantasy - 4:20
10. Hey Jude - 1:41
11. All Along The Watchtower - 4:45
12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - 8:29

Disc 3:
1. China Cat Sunflower - 6:19
2. I Know You Rider - 5:36
3. Estimated Prophet - 12:35
4. Eyes Of The World - 8:55
5. Rhythm Devils - 6:59
6. Space - 8:33
7. The Other One - 7:18
8. Wharf Rat - 7:54
9. Throwing Stones - 9:05
10. Not Fade Away - 5:57

Art-Nr.: 9641
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 46,90

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Guy, Buddy - rhythm & blues [2013]
2 CD-Set! 3 Jahre nach den Grammy-dekorierten "Living proof" veröffentlicht Meistergitarrist und lebende Blues-Legende Buddy Guy sein neues Album, und zwar gleich eine Doppel-CD. Bereits im Vorfeld wird "Rhythm & Blues" als eine weitere, absolute musikalische Sternstunde in der langen Karriere Guy's gefeiert, und die ersten Reviews bestätigen diese Vorschußlorbeeren nachdrücklich. Ein paar der Songs des neuen Werkes hat der Meister mit einigen hochkarätigen Gästen eingespielt, was einmal mehr seine einzigartige Verbindung zwischen Tradition und Moderne offenbart. Mit dabei waren der neue, junge Guitarhero des Blues, Gary Clark jr., Beth Hart, aber auch genrefremde Größen wie Keith Urban, Kid Rock und Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry und Brad Whitford. Produziert hat sein langjähriger Weggefährte Tom Hambridge! Der ewig junge Buddy Guy befindet auch mit 76 Jahren noch in der Blüte seiner Karriere. Großartig!

Die offizielle Produktbeschreibung:

Six-time Grammy Award winner and 2012 Kennedy Center Honoree Buddy Guy will release his new studio album Rhythm & Blues. The follow-up to his 2010 Grammy Award winning album Living Proof, this double-disc masterpiece features first time studio collaborations with A-list artists Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Gary Clark, Jr., Beth Hart and Aerosmith members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Rhythm & Blues will be available for pre-order at all online retailers on June 25th.
Produced by Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter and longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge (Skin Deep, Living Proof), Rhythm & Blues captures the 76 year-young Guy at the peak of his creativity. Replete with heartfelt vocals, straightforward lyrics and mesmerizing guitar licks, Rhythm & Blues not only exemplifies how blues continues to be the foundation of all genres of today's music, it also illustrates why Guy has been influential in the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more.
The Rhythm disc includes rhythm and blues-style blues with deep grooves, such as the Junior Wells' 1960 hit "Messin' With The Kid" featuring Kid Rock, the touching "One Day Away" with Keith Urban, and "What You're Gonna Do About Me," a rousing duet with Beth Hart. Guy rounds out the disc with "Best In Town," "Whiskey Ghost," Guitar Slim's "Well I Done Got Over It" and more.
The Blues disc taps into the genre's rich history with "Meet Me In Chicago," "I Could Die Happy," "Never Gonna Change" and "All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues." Aerosmith's Tyler, Perry and Whitford contribute to the musical lesson with "Evil Twin" while Gary Clark, Jr. joins Guy on "Blues Don t Care."
In a career that spans nearly 50 years with over 50 albums released, the incomparable Buddy Guy recently added the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors and NARM Chairman's Award for Sustained Creative Achievement to his long list of achievements. Guy is the recipient of 30 awards and accolades, including 6 Grammy Awards, 28 Blues Music Awards (formerly W. C. Handy Awards), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the first annual Great Performer of Illinois Award, a Billboard Music Awards' Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, the Presidential National Medal of Arts, in addition to being listed as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Hier noch ein begeistertes U.S-Review:

Buddy Guy – Next to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, his name personifies Chicago blues. Considering he’ll be 77 years old on July 30th, you’d think he’d be ready to sit down and take it easy. His new album is proof that like good whiskey and fine wine he’s just gotten better with age. For Buddy’s birthday he gives us all a gift with Rhythm & Blues, a two disc album filled with some stellar collaborations and which after over 50 albums is probably one of his best releases.
This album is once again produced by the Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge (Living Proof, 2010). A musician who is criminally unknown for his own blues rock releases. Tom Hambridge plays the drums throughout the album. After that there are two basic all-star sets of musicians. The first consists of David Grissom (guitar), Reese Wynans, (B3), and Michael Rhodes (bass). The second set consists of Rob McNeely (guitar), Kevin McKendree, (B3), and Tommy MacDonald (bass). As if the musicianship wasn’t enough in the above list, Buddy also has the following guest stars; Kid Rock, Gary Clark Jr., Beth Hart, Keith Urban, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, who all contribute something unique and interesting.
With two discs of quality material to pick from it’s difficult to discuss them all. Suffice to say there isn’t a bad track. So we’ll just discuss the highlights.
Disc 1: “Justifyin’” is the second track and it is a fast rockin’ powerhouse of a track. It’s amazing that Buddy can rip notes off his guitar at that rate at almost 77 years old. “I Go By Feel” slows things down as Buddy explains a conversation with an old blues teacher when he was younger and how the concept that feel is what sets a great musician apart from someone who is technically capable. You can throw all the notes at someone you want but there is that connection with a few simple notes where an artist can express all the emotion of the song. Buddy next teams up with Kid Rock to cover the appropriately named Elmore James tune “Messin’ with the Kid,” which Buddy played guitar on way back in 1965. Kid’s gruff voice actually meshes well with the attitude of the song. Shortly after that we get a cover, “One Day Away,” which was written by one of Buddy’s long time touring guitar players, Scott Holt, who is another artist everyone should check out. Keith Urban lends his country swagger to the song singing about telling someone you love them and the need to seize the day and to not wish one day away. Beth Hart steps up next and let’s everything rip on the spectacular track “What You Gonna Do About Me” as she trades lyrics with Buddy, proving once again why she is one of the powerhouse female vocalists of this generation.
Disc 2: The second disc starts out with a tribute to Buddy’s hometown with “Meet Me In Chicago.” Buddy lists the highlights of his hometown, like deep dish pizza, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, Wabash Avenue, and in Buddy’s typical humble style he of course lists Buddy Guy playing the blues, which is reason enough to come to Chicago. “Evil Twin” brings the members of Aerosmith in for a straight up blues anthem. “All That Makes Me Happy is the Blues” is slow blues that is all about exactly what the song title says it is. Blues is known for being a genre of music about sadness, but it’s not meant to be sad. It’s really meant to be an uplifting release of all of our problems. The final track that stands out on here is collaboration with Gary Clark Jr. on the rollicking “Blues Don’t Care.”
Buddy will always be one of the legends of the blues. He has always blurred the lines between blues and rock and roll. Filled with his signature tone and that Buddy Guy attitude, Rhythm & Blues just continues to cement his legacy as one of the greatest guitar players.
(Kevin O’Rourke/Blues Rock Review)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Disc 1
1. Best in Town
2. Justifyin'
3. I Go by Feel
4. Messin' with the Kid (featuring Kid Rock)
5. What's Up with That Woman
6. One Day Away (featuring Keith Urban)
7. Well I Done Got over It
8. What You Gonna Do About Me (featuring Beth Hart)
9. The Devil's Daughter
10. Whiskey Ghost
11. Rhythm Inner Groove

Disc 2
1. Meet Me in Chicago
2. Too Damn Bad
3. Evil Twin (featuring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford)
4. I Could Die Happy
5. Never Gonna Change
6. All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues
7. My Mama Loved Me
8. Blues Don't Care (featuring Gary Clark jr.)
9. I Came Up Hard
10. Poison Ivy

Art-Nr.: 8245
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Manassas - pieces [2009]
Wieder einmal eine sehr schöne, und wie bei diesem Label üblich, liebevoll aufgemachte Veröffentlichung von "Rhino": Diesmal ist man die Archive von Stephen Stills und seiner 1971 gegründeten, allerdings nicht allzu lang lebigen Formation Manassas (mit u.a. Chris Hillman und Al Perkins) durchgegangen. Herausgekommen ist das feine, historisch wertvolle "Pieces" mit rarem und bislang unveröffentlichtem Material. Tolle Sache!

Hier der offizielle Text von "Rhino" zur Veröffentlichung:

Stephen Stills has influenced generations with his powerful voice, songwriting artistry, and passionate guitar playing, both as a solo artist and as a member of Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Manassas. Rhino reveals a snapshots of Stills' early days with the release of Manassas PIECES, a 15-song collection of unreleased recordings from sessions for both of the band’s albums. After recording his second solo album, Stills formed Manassas in 1971 with a talented group of musicians that included Chris Hillman, a former member of the Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Manassas released two albums, 1972's eponymous double-album debut and the 1973 follow-up, Down The Road. MANASSAS - PIECES features alternate versions of two songs from Down The Road: "Do You Remember The Americans" and "Lies" (featuring guitarist Joe Walsh). The collection also includes the legendary group's unreleased performances of "Sugar Babe" and "Word Game," a pair of songs Stills recorded in 1971 for his second solo album. The remaining tracks include "Like A Fox," a song recorded with blues guitarist Bonnie Raitt on background vocals and the Latin-tinged "Tan Sola Y Triste" (Spanish for 'So Alone and Sad').

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1 Witching Hour - 5:12   
2 Sugar Babe - 4:19   
3 Lies - 3:07   
4 My Love Is a Gentle Thing - 1:23   
5 Like a Fox - 2:58   
6 Word Game - 1:35   
7 Tan Sola y Triste - 1:23   
8 Fit to Be Tied - 3:49   
9 Love and Satisfy - 1:57   
10 High and Dry - 5:52   
11 Panhandle Rag - 1:57   
12 Uncle Pen - 1:52   
13 Do You Remember the Americans - 1:49   
14 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music) - 2:16   
15 I Am My Brother - 3:24

Art-Nr.: 6582
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

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Matthews Band, Dave - live in new york city [2010]
2 CD-Set! Eine weitere, grandiose Live-Veröffentlichung der phantastischen Dave Matthews Band! Aufgenommen vor mehr als 40.000 Zuschauer am 17. Juli 2010 im Citi Field in New York City steigert sich die Truppe, verstärkt um Tim Reynolds an der Gitarre, Jeff Coffin am Saxophon und Rashawn Ross an der Trompete, in einen wahren "Spielrausch" und bringt sich und das Publikum zu immer wieder neue Höhen. Tolle Setlist! Der Sound ist exzellent! Über 2 1/2 Stunden Spielzeit!

Hier die offizielle Produktbeschreibung der Dave Matthews Band zu diesem Live-Album:

Dave Matthews Band performed at Citi Field in Flushing, NY on July 16-17, 2010 to more than 40,000 fans each night. The July 17th show is being released as the 2-CD, set, Live in New York City and is a definite crowd-pleaser with a mix of new surprises and older fan favorites. Highlights include The Stone and Warehouse followed by One Sweet World with Rashawn taking the solo over the original intro. An epic Two Step with a haunting Time Bomb intro and new outro features an unforgettable solo by Carter. Seek Up takes the band’s jazz sensibilities to new heights and showcases their communication on stage on a different level. A partial Blackjack makes its live debut. Stefan’s bass play on You Might Die Trying and his Moog-infused bass solo before Watchtower really shine. Dave’s vocals are powerful throughout the show and reach a crescendo during the passionate Squirm.

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1
1 The Stone - 10:46   
2 Warehouse - 9:45   
3 One Sweet World - 10:40   
4 Funny the Way It Is - 5:27   
5 Seek Up - 16:54   
6 Seven - 5:07   
7 Squirm - 5:04   
8 Crash Into Me - 5:36   
9 You Might Die Trying - 8:39   

Disc 2
1 Proudest Monkey - 6:51   
2 Satellite - 4:41   
3 Spaceman - 5:14   
4 Dancing Nancies - 10:22   
5 Gravedigger - 4:42   
6 Blackjack - 2:00   
7 Stay (Wasting Time) - 6:27   
8 Two Step - 15:58   
9 Some Devil - 4:20   
10 Shake Me Like a Monkey - 3:53   
11 Bass Solo - 1:37   
12 All Along the Watchtower - 8:51

Art-Nr.: 7160
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 17,90

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Robinson Brotherhood, Chris - the magic door [2012]
3 Monate nach "Big moon ritual" lassen The Chris Robinson Brotherhood (die neue, grandiose Formation des Frontmannes der The Black Crowes, nachdem die mal wieder für unbestimmte Zeit auf Eis liegen) kommt nun mit "The magic door" das angekündigte Sequal. Die Scheibe schließt nahtlos an den Vorgänger an. Wunderbarer, authentischer Hippie Roots-/Jamrock mit viel "Soul", viel Psychedeli-Feeling und einem Flair von sehr der Grateful Dead-Philosophie ähnelnden Seventies Retro Westcoast-Anlagen. Chris Robinson selbst zeigt sich bereits jetzt mehr als zufrieden über seine neue Band: "We really feel these records set the stage for another full year, where we'll see how far we can go with it. We already feel successful because we have the freedom to do what we want. And it's always cosmic. The times demand it".

Die Original-Produktbeschreibung:

In June 2012, following a 118-show journey, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood released their debut album Big Moon Ritual (Silver Arrow/Megaforce Records). It is a 'roots-o-licious collection of tunes with beautiful guitar tones, inventive parts, gorgeous solos, and killer vocals all around,' praised Guitar Player (June 2012), while Relix similarly raved by describing the album as 'a full immersion into Southern psychadelics, nine-minute song swoops, extended grooves and wailing vocals' (June 2012). The fruits of the band's hard-charging January 2012 recording sessions with producer Thom Monahan are heard not only on 'Big Moon Ritual' but in its companion album 'The Magic Door', set for release in September 2012.
Each album spotlights seven tunes, with 'The Magic Door' containing six originals 'Someday Past The Sunset', 'Vibration & Light Suite', 'Appaloosa', 'Little Lizzie Mae', 'Sorrows Of A Blue Eyed Liar' and 'Wheel Don't Roll' plus a cover of Hank Ballard's 'Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go', a CRB set list staple.
Chris Robinson (lead vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (guitar, vocals), Adam MacDougall (keys, vocals), George Sluppick (drums) and Mark Dutton (bass, vocals) create exciting musical sparks throughout 'The Magic Door'. 'We really feel these records set the stage for another full year, where we'll see how far we can go with it,' say Robinson. 'We already feel successful because we have the freedom to do what we want. And it's always cosmic. The times demand it.'

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go - 4:55
2. Someday Past the Sunset - 6:20
3. Appaloosa - 5:17
4. Vibration & Light Suite - 13:56
5. Little Lizzie Mae - 6:19
6. Sorrows of a Blue Eyed Liar - 8:38
7. Wheel Don't Roll - 5:30

Art-Nr.: 7911
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

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Wynn, Thomas and The Believers - wade waist deep [2017]
Vielversprechendes Sextett aus Orlando/Florida, das mit seinem bereits dritten Album "Wade waist deep" eine starke, kraftvolle Mischung aus swampigem Rootsrock, Southern Rock, Gospel, Blues, R&B, Folk und einer dezenten Prise Country anbietet. Sehr kompaktes Songmaterial mit vielen Balladen, die allerdings mit viel Energie präsentiert werden. Man spürt jederzeit das Southern-Feeling. Zu den Highlights zählen der monumentale Opener "Man out of time", das Titelstück "Wade waist deep" eine toll groovende, sehr melodische, southern-swampige Midtempo-Nummer mit feiner Instrumentierung aus Keyboards und Gitarren, der kräftige, leicht psychedelisch angehauchte, schwerblütige Rocker "You can't hurt me", das balladesk beginnende, dann sehr dynamische "Feel the good", das slow-bluesige "I don't regret", sowie die beiden melodischen Balladen "Heartbreak Alley" und "My eyes won't be open". Das Album enthält ein schönes, 20-seitiges Booklet mit allen Texten.

Hier ein Original U.S-Review des ALbums:

Thomas Wynn and the Believers, a six-piece band from Orlando, Florida, will celebrate the release of its third album Wade Waist Deep this weekend, a 12-track project that manages to sound raw and polished at once. The band has a considerable lack of visibility on rock’s national stage, despite local accolades: voted the Best of Orlando #1 Rock Band from 2009 through 2015 by Orlando Weekly, TW&TB have performed at festivals and in small venues, shared stages with the likes of Gov’t Mule, the Wallflowers, Blackberry Smoke and others, and last year signed with Mascot Label Group, the blues label that’s home to artists like Beth Hart and Eric Gales. It’s difficult to crack the code for success in the music business, but it might be time for TW&TB to earn recognition on a larger scale. The title track "Wade Waist Deep" is a song that has a slow, cautious start before it busts open 90 seconds in with the powerful vocals that lead singer Thomas Wynn is known for. Co-written by Thomas Wynn and Tyler Bryant, the lyrics in “My Eyes Won’t Be Open” are a reaction to the fear of (and determination against) leaving this world with regrets. It’s one of a few notable contemplative tracks on this album, with “Wade Waist Deep” and single “Man Out of Time” offering reflections on loneliness and time expired. Most tracks on Wade Waist Deep deliver clear messages, whether through the stories relayed (like the narrator following his mother’s advice in the title track or remembering the hurt in “Heartbreak Alley”) or the song titles alone (“Feel the Good,” “Man Out of Time” and “We Could All Die Screaming” all cut straight to the point before the songs even begin). Even more compelling than the emotive lyrics is the album’s structure. The presence of keys and organ throughout Wade Waist Deep invites moments that feel almost spiritual, a likely product of the band’s Southern roots. These moments are heard on “Burn as One” and blossom on the sixth track “I Don’t Regret,” which dips into soul with help from keyboardist Colin Fei’s skillful ear and the duet of brother-sister vocal team Thomas and Olivia Wynn. “Man Out of Time” is a dip into Southern rock’s darker, bluesier realm. This mood persists for the rest of the album, with “Mountain Fog” serving as a natural follow-up to “Man Out of Time” and “Turn it Into Gold” crystalizing the vibe as its smoldering beginning builds to a breaking point halfway through that erupts with grinding guitar, crashing percussion and the Wynns’ vocal cries. “Turn it Into Gold” works as a powerful close to the album. (Meghan Roos / Blues Rock Review)

Art-Nr.: 9442
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Wade waist deep
Heartbreak Alley
My eyes won't be open
Thin love
I don't regret
You can't hurt me
Feel the good

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