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38 Special - live from texas [2011]
Kein neues Studioalbum, aber immerhin ein relativ aktuelles Live-Album der beliebten Southern Rock-Veteranen! Und eins ist klar: "38 Special can still rock after all these years", das zeigt dieses Werk eindrucksvoll. Mitgeschnitten wurden die Songs während einer Tour durch den U.S.-Bundesstaat Texas vom September 2009. Neben den vielen Hits, die natürlich nicht fehlen dürfen und die sie wirklich gut und mit viel Dynamik "abrocken", hören wir mit "The squeeze" und ""Trooper with an attitude" auch die großartigen Live-Fassungen von zwei tollen Rockern des unserer Meinung nach viel zu unterbewerteten letzten Studioalbums von 2004, "Drivetrain". Der Sound ist klasse! Rund 70 Minuten 30 Special live "at their best"!

Die ausführliche U.-S.-Produktinfo im Original:

After more than three decades together, 38 Special continue to bring their signature blast of Southern Rock to over 100 cities a year. And at each and every show, thousands of audience members are amazed by the explosive power of the band's performance.
Their many Gold and Platinum album awards stand in testament to the endurance of a legendary powerhouse.
With sales in excess of 20 million, most associate the band with their arena-rock pop smashes, 'Hold On Loosely,' 'Rockin Into the Night,' 'Caught Up in You,' 'Fantasy Girl,' 'If I'd Been the One,' 'Back Where You Belong,' 'Chain Lightnin ,' 'Second Chance,' and more Timeless hits that remain a staple at radio, immediately recognizable from the first opening chord, and paving the way to their present-day touring regimen.
The co-founders of the group, vocalist Donnie Van Zant and guitarist/vocalist Don Barnes, say it's all about maintaining that intensity in their live shows. Barnes says, 'We never wanted to be one of those bands that had maybe gotten a little soft or complacent over the years. We're a team, and it's always been kind of an unspoken rule that we don t slack up, we stack up. We go out there every night to win.'
It is that steely determination that lives on in the hearts of these Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.' Completing the team is guitarist/vocalist Danny Chauncey, bassist Larry 'L.J.' Junstrom, drummer Gary Moffat and keyboardist/vocalist Bobby Caps.
Since 1976, the band has released more than 15 albums. And from the start, they've toured relentlessly,bringing their signature brand of muscle and melody to fans worldwide.
Van Zant adds, 'This music keeps our wheels on the road. We're a band that's tried to stay honest with what has driven us over the years. We started out with nothing but bold determination to make our own history and to endure. Looking back now, it has been our greatest pride to have persevered and attained that level of success and longevity. For us, it's the ultimate validation.'
Van Zant is a unique driving force for the band, with an unending spirit that propels the rest to consistently take it up a notch. His name is synonymous with Southern Rock royalty. He is the brother of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ronnie Van Zant, the late iconic singer and founder of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Around the fall of 2009, the notion of releasing a live album started to take precedent. The band felt that their in-concert offering many years before had lacked in sound quality not yet available in the technologically-advanced decade since. Additionally, a need to showcase a new spirit of 38 Special was growing. Barnes explains, 'Back then, we had been rushed to release something quickly without having the luxury of choosing between different performances. It was a single show in the 90's that had been recorded at a venue where logistics were a real challenge, the weather wasn't cooperating, and we ended up not entirely satisfied with what we got.
For Live From Texas, we were able to carry our digital recording equipment with us to several cities, and now had our own private studio for remixing. So this was going to be a real pleasure to put together. The crowds were massive and all of those classic songs deserved a chance to shine in an enhanced live fashion. We were finally able to deliver what we represent onstage.'
Their initial idea was to make a live recording available exclusively at shows, take a copy to carry on the party. But after gleaning select tracks from various cities across Texas - was a blistering new set with a distinct difference in performance as well as audio quality than years before. It grew into an excitedly motivated plan to make available to the world 38 Special Live From Texas-collectively proud history of a band that has made the road a part of its heritage.
And the magic's still there, adds Van Zant.

Die komplette Setlist:

1 Rockin Into the Night - 4:29
2 20th Century Fox - 4:11
3 Back Where You Belong - 4:29
4 Wild-Eyed Southern Boys - 4:23
5 The Squeeze - 5:01
6 If I'd Been the One - 4:09
7 Help Somebody - 4:17
8 Fantasy Girl - 4:20
9 Trooper With an Attitude - 3:45
10 Medley: Back to Paradise / Somebody Like You / Teacher Teacher / Rough Housin' / Stone Cold Believer / Like No Other Night / Second Chance - 8:25
11 Caught Up in You - 5:41
12 Chain Lightnin' - 5:32
13 Hold On Loosely - 5:17
14 Back in the U.S.A. - 2:33
15 Travelin' Band - 3:28

Art-Nr.: 7546
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Alvin, Dave & Jimmie Dale Gilmore - downey to lubbock [2018]
Zwei "alte" Haudegen und Pioniere der amerikanischen Roots-Szene tun sich zusammen und liefern ein geradezu brillantes Album ab. Der aus Downey in Californien stammende ex-Blasters-Veteran Dave Alvin und der in Lubbock/Texas beheimatete Roots-/Country-/Folk-/Singer-Songwriter Jimmie Dale Gilmore nehmen uns auf "Downey to Lubbock" mit auf eine wundervolle, ja mitreißende, packende Reise durch musikalisch faszinierende Landschaften von Roots, Blues, Rock, Americana und Alternate Country. Voller Leidenschaft, Biß und mit ungemein viel Gefühl, Seele und Authentizität repräsentieren sie ihre Heimat, Herkunft und musikalischen Einflüsse und Ideologien in 12 herausragenden, sehr abwechslungsreich und dennoch herrlich straight gestalteten und arrangierten Tracks. Zwei davon sind neu von ihnen komponierte, eigene Stücke, der Rest sind wunderbar um-arrangierte Coverversionen alter, beeindruckender Klassiker, die sie in ihrem musikalischen Werdegang auf irgendeine Art und Weise begleitet haben. Was die Beiden (Alvin spielt neben dem Lead Gesang noch bravourös akustische und elektrische Gitarre mit fulminanten Soli, Gilmore überzeugt neben der zweiten Lead-Stimme mit akustischer Gitarre und Mundharmonika) und ihre exzellenten Begleitmusiker (u.a. Skip Edwards - keyboards; Nick Forster - guitars, lap steel, mandolin; David J.Carpenter - bass; Don Heffington - drums und einige mehr) hier abliefern, ist die höchste Roots-, Blues-, Americana-, Rock-Schule. Los geht's mit dem genialen Titelstück "Downey to Lubbock", einem grandiosen, prächtig nach vorn gehenden, herrlich rootsigen, erdigen, "burning harp- and guitar-centered" Bluesrocker, in dem die beiden (sie teilen sich hier, wie auch bei einigen anderen Tracks, den Lead Gesang auf), textlich großartig verpackt, ihre musikalische Geschichte erzählen. Alvin besticht mit famoser Lead Gitarren-Arbeit (tolles Solo) und Gilmore mit nicht minder starkem Mundharmonika-Spiel. Die Nummer, die im übrigen auch toll auf Alvin's "Eleven Eleven"-Album gepasst hätte, hat einen klasse Drive. Welch ein Aufrakt! Es folgt eine saustarke Coverversion von Steve Young's "Silverlake", vorgetragen in einem ganz dezent mexikanisch angehauchten, leicht bluesigen, wundervollen, staubigen Americana-Gewand. Die großartige Begleitung aus vielschichtigen akustischen und elektrischen Gitarren, sowie unaufdringlicher Orgel und ebenso unaufdringlichem Akkordeon passt einfach super. Leicht und locker "galoppieren" die Zwei im Anschluß daran durch die herrliche, mit schöner Mandoline und klasse E-Gitarre inszenierte, lockere John Stewart-Nummer "July, you're a woman". Das ist rootsige, staubige Americana-Musik vom Allerfeinsten. Fantastisch auch das tierische, dezent akustisch beginnende, dann aber mächtig brodelnde, mit furiosen E-Gitarrenläufen und "rattenscharfen" Sax-Einlagen (Jeff Turner) gespickte Blues-Cover von Lightnin' Hopkins' "Buddy Brown's Blues", die hinreißend schöne, melodische, flockige "Mexican-flavoured" Countryrock-Version von Chris Gaffney's "The gardens", die tolle Version des alten 60iger Dino Valenti-/Youngbloods-Klassikers "Get together", das gewaltig rockende "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", wie auch die traumhaft melodische Americana-Nummer "Billy The Kid and Geronimo" - alles Höhepunkte eines von vorn bis hinten packenden Werkes. Dave Alvin und Jimmie Dale Gilmore mit einer herausragenden, ja überragenden Vorstellung, Ein absolutes Ausrufezeichen in Sachen Rootsmusik für das Jahr 2018! Kommt im übrigen in einem sehr schön gestalteten Digipack mit 24-seitigem, reich bebilderten und informativem Booklet.

Hier noch ein Original U.S.-Review:

You don’t need to know the backstory to this meeting of the minds of Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, two of Americana’s most respected journeyman roots rockers. That’s because they do the work for you on the opening title track to this partnership where they trade vocals explaining their careers and somewhat unlikely collaboration on this disc’s only co-write.
Ex-Blaster Alvin hails from Downey, California, and ex-Flatlander Gilmore calls Lubbock, Texas home. The two are a decade removed in age but found common ground in their love of Americana music, specifically the blues, rock and roll, R&B, and folk acts that played LA’s famous Ash Grove club which they both frequented. These guys are road-hardened troubadours who know the once-endless highway is going to soon end but are determined to keep the faith. They do that beautifully on this studio alliance.
Alvin’s flinty baritone and Gilmore’s high lonesome, windswept style wouldn’t seem to be a natural combination. But even though there aren’t honeyed Everly Brothers-styled harmonies here, the contrast in their voices makes for a surprisingly riveting blend. They generally switch lead vocals, which also provides a window into which one brought the song - and all but two are covers - to the table.
Alvin pays tribute to late buddy Chris Gaffney by performing his bittersweet Tex-Mex ballad “The Gardens” (one of two tracks that also features legendary West Coast songwriter Van Dyke Parks on accordion) and Gilmore does the same for Steve Young in his warbling cover of the sweet memories on “Silverlake.” But it’s the classic rockers like Lloyd Price’s New Orleans stomper “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” and Brownie McGhee’s gospel-laced closing “Walk On” where the duo really finds their footing. Alvin’s distinctive lead electric guitar snakes through these tracks, bringing high voltage rollicking authority to Lightning Hopkins’ “Buddy Brown’s Blues” and the traditional swamp folk of “K.C. Moan.”
A cover of the Dino Valenti by way of the Youngbloods ’60s “smile on your brother/ love one another” anthem “Get Together” is as pertinent today as it was 50 years ago - perhaps more so - and this version with Gilmore’s trembling voice and Alvin’s taut guitar solo raises the temperature making it feel even more incisive. The California bred singer-songwriter’s lone new solo writing contribution, “Billy the Kid and Geronimo,” tells the fictional tale of a meeting between these two American fugitives, allowing both singers to trade verses based on the characters’ narratives, as they elicit sympathy for their violent lives.
A full band backs the twosome and while this might seem like an unusual pairing on paper, the result is an alternatively sweet, touching, rousing and undeniably heartfelt set that plays to both artist’s strengths while pushing each slightly outside their comfort zone. Hopefully, there will be a follow-up to further expand on this success that brings out the best in both Alvin and Gilmore and seems to just scratch the surface of their deep Americana pedigrees. (Hal Horowitz/American Songwriter)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Downey to Lubbock - 5:49
2. Silverlake - 5:02
3. Stealin' Stealin' - 2:58
4. July, You're a Woman - 3:53
5. Buddy Brown's Blues - 3:51
6. The Gardens - 3:56
7. Get Together - 3:59
8. K.C. Moan - 5:12
9. Lawdy Miss Clawdy - 2:38
10. Billy the Kid and Geronimo - 4:45
11. Deportee - Plane Wreck at Los Gatos - 4:52
12. Walk On - 5:50

Art-Nr.: 9634
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Downey to Lubbock
July, you're a woman
Buddy Brown's Blues
The gardens
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Billy the Kid and Geronimo

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Atlas Road Crew - halfway to hopkins [2015]
Blutjunge, hungrige Truppe aus Charleston im U.S.-Bundesstaat South Carolina, die gerade drauf und dran ist, die Herzen der Rock-, Rootsrock- und vor allem der Southern Rock-Fans im Sturm zu erobern. Ja, diese Burschen haben dieses einzigartige, typische "deep down from the south"-Gen, das sie perfekt in ihre Musik integrieren. Ihre Inspiration liegt im klassischen Vintage Rock der Siebziger, aber die Umsetzung und der Sound liegen mit ihrer kreativen Frische total auf der Höhe der Zeit. Das Potential des, wie gesagt, noch sehr jungen Qintetts (alle sind noch in den Zwanzigern) scheint immens zu sein. Jedenfalls klingen sie dermaßen versiert, so seien sie schon ewig im Geschäft - und dazu hoch professionell. Nach einer ersten EP liegt nun das "Full Length Debut" der Truppe vor - und sie Scheibe ist schlichtweg ein "Hammer"! Das Album strotzt nur so vor hochkarätigen Songs und potentiellen Hits, die allesamt, das meinen wir im nur erdenklich positivsten Sinn, "radiotauglich" erscheinen, denn ihre Strukturen und vorzüglichen Melodien gehen sofort ins Ohr und bleiben nachhaltig hängen. Dennoch klingt die Atlas Road Crew niemals zu brav oder kommerziell, ganz im Gegenteil. Sie spielen herrlich rotzig, wenn nötig auch dreckig, sehr kraftvoll, brodelnd, völlig zwanglos, unbeschwert und unwiderstehlich frisch. Die Balance stimmt einfach. Bei ihrer packenden Mixtur aus traditionellem amerikanischen Rock, Guitar Classic Rock, einem Hauch von Blues und Psychedelic, Rootsrock und den allgegenwärtigen Southern Rock-Einflüssen springt der Funke unmittelbar über. Da finden wir Spuren von Led Zeppelin über The Black Crowes, von The Allman Brothers Band über Lynyrd Skynyrd, von den Rolling Stones über Credence Clearwater Revival, bis hin zu den Kings of Leon. Aber auch solch jüngere Bands, wie etwa The Dirty Guv'nahs, Blackberry Smoke oder Robert Jon & The Wreck tummeln sich auf dem gleichen Terrain wie die Atlas Road Crew. Die Musiker sind einfach großartig, allen voran Frontmann, Gitarristen und Sänger Taylor Nicholson, der über ein fantastisches, leicht angerautes, "soulful" Organ verfügt (klingt zuweilen wie eine superbe Kombination aus Chris Robinson, UFO's Phil Mogg und Caleb Followill von den Kings of Leon), der bereits über eine immense Ausstrahlung verfügt. Komplettiert wird die Truppe von Dave Beddingfield (lead guitar), Bryce James (piano, organ), Max Becker (bass) und Patrick Drohan (drums), wie geagt, alle mit köchster Kompetenz unterwegs. Herz, Leidenschaft, Spielfreude, tolle Gitarren, immer wieder ergänzt durch großartige Piano- und Orgel-Sequenzen und eine äußerst satte, knackige, klare, auf den Punkt gebrachte Produktion (5 Tracks wurden produziert von Rick Beato, u.a. Needtobreathe, Trey Anastasio, Shinedown) bestimmen das Bild. Einen schwachen Song sucht man auf dem Album absolut vergebens. Los geht's mit dem von herrlichen, lockeren, transparenten Gitarren und erdigen, kraftvollen Riffs bestimmten, mit wunderbaren Hooks durchsetzten Roots-/Southern Rocker "Voices", der sich mit seiner tollen Melodie sofort tief in unsere Gehörgänge schraubt. Sofort weht einem dieser wohlige "smell of the south" um die Nase - einfach eine Wonne. Lead Gitarrist Dave Beddingfield brilliert gleich mit einem quirligen, zündenden Solo und Sänger Taylor Nicholson überzeugt mit viel Seele. Die Band hat den Zuhörer sofort im Griff. Bärenstark! Prächtige, bluesige Retro-/Pyschedelic-Riffs, ein schönes Southern-Flair und der Vibe der Kings of Leon bestimmen das folgende, famos inszenierte "Black eye sunrise", das eindrucksvoll zeigt mit welch ausgefuchsten Songwriting-Qualitäten und mit welcher Kreativität und Explosivität die Burschen am Werk sind. Das hat richtig Biß, aber auch wieder ein wunderbare Melodie. Starkes Gitarrenspiel! Nach dem fulminanten, dreckigen "Low Country Blues", einem voller Drive steckenden Slideguitar-getränkten Southern-/Swamp-Boogie (herrlich klimperndes Piano in Verbindung mit den kochenden Gitarren) wird es langsamer im Rhythmus. Feinste Acoustic Gitarren-Riffs, überaus harmonische Lead Gitarre, eine fantastische Orgel- und Klavier-Untermalung, dazu eine unwiderstehliche Melodik, Kraft und erdiger Gesang - das sind die Zutaten der hinreissenden Rootsrock-/Southern Rock-Ballade "Wasted time". Ja, das ist es, das sprichwörtliche "Holz" aus dem die so begnadeten Southern-Balladen "geschnitzt" sind. Wirkt wie eine magische Kombination aus The Marshall Tucker Band und The Black Crowes, angereichert mit der Ideen der Atlas Road Crew. Und weiter jagt ein Highlight das nächste: Ob der satte, straighte, von glühenden Gitarren geprägte Classic-/Southern Rocker "Lose control", der brodelnde, forsch nach vorn rockende, toll groovende, feurige Boogie "Halfway to Hopkins" (hier "brennt die Hütte"), das wunderschöne, mit vielschichtigen Gitarrenlinien aufwartende und einem tollem Orglespiel unterlegte "Abilene", oder das gar an "tighte", southern-rockige Bad Company erinnernde, sehr knackige, satt rockende "Betty" - die Band macht einen "Hammer"-Job. Wie sagt es ein amerikanischer Rezensent so schön ein seinem Fazit? "Don't miss this sensational band". Das unterschreiben wie vorbehaltlos. Saustarke Truppe, grandioses Album! Einfach nur "heiß"!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Voices - 4:35
2. Black Eye Sunrise - 4:18
3. Low Country Blues - 3:50
4. Wasted Time - 4:08
5. I Want You to Know - 3:25
6. Lose Control - 3:11
7. Weeping Will - 4:43
8. Halfway to Hopkins - 2:46
9. Runaway - 3:02
10. Abilene - 3:22
11. Betty - 4:56

Art-Nr.: 9040
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Black eye sunrise
Low Country Blues
Wasted time
Lose control
Halfway to Hopkins

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Bentley, Dierks - the mountain [2018]
Dierks Bentley kommt mit einem neuen, fantastischen Album. Was dieser Mann auch abliefert, es sind stets absolute Highlights einer heute leider ansonsten oftmals allzu "fremdelnden" Nashville-Countrywelt. Klar, auch Bentley's Musik ist modern, muß sie ja auch sein. Doch er vergißt niemals seine Roots, niemals die Wurzeln der Countrymusic, niemals diese unwiderstehliche, natürliche Country-Frische. Hochklassige Songs, mal duraus ein wenig poppig, mal rockig, mal southern, mal dezent grassig - Dierks Bentley arbeitet sich genußvoll durch alle Facetten des New Country. Tolle Songs, tolle Melodien, tolle Musiker, tolle Arrangements - dieses Werk ist definitiv jetzt schon eines der Country-Highlights des Jahres.

Hier noch ein Original U.S.-Review:

Dierks Bentley returns to his roots for his ninth studio album, The Mountain. The singer wrote and recorded the project in Telluride, Colorado, after being inspired during a visit to Telluride Bluegrass Festival. As a result, the acoustic instrumentation on select songs coupled with Bentley’s heartfelt songwriting brings to mind elements of his 2010 release Up On the Ridge. All the while, Bentley’s authenticity shines through.
The Mountain kicks off with the standout “Burning Man,” featuring Brothers Osborne, where Bentley sings of life’s struggles and triumphs. Penned by Luke Dick and Bobby Pinson, Bentley makes the song uniquely his with slowed vocals and striking musicianship that is sure to come alive in the concert setting.
The heartfelt “Living” also strikes a chord as Bentley sings of how “some days you’re just breathing, just trying to break even” while others “your heart is pounding out of your chest.” This introspection is heard throughout the majority of The Mountain, particularly on album closer “How I’m Going Out.” Bentley’s vulnerability is further showcased on the striking ballad “My Religion,” as he sings of how loving a woman isn’t his decision but his religion. Meanwhile, “Son of The Sun” has the singer reflecting on his upbringing in Arizona and his need to embrace the desert air and escape the daily grind of life through nature.
On “Nothing On But the Stars,” Bentley switches gears as he looks back at the end of a relationship with the hope of one more night together. It’s here that his seductive vocals shine with distinct yearning while delicate percussion accompaniment and soaring guitar features further evoke the song’s message.
Bentley switches gears on “Goodbye in Telluride” with unique production and a rhythmic singing style. A positive spin on a breakup, while enjoying the snowcapped mountains of Colorado he senses his girlfriend won’t be around for much longer. Captivated by the setting, he begs her to wait a few more days before ending things so he can remember his visit fondly. “If you gotta let me go I’m gonna be alright / Just don’t tell me goodbye here in Telluride,” he croons on the infectious song.
While Bentley’s brief relocation to Colorado to write and produce The Mountain had an obvious impact on many of the songs, so does his family. His wife’s influence is felt on the heartfelt single “Woman, Amen” and within the equally memorable love song, “Stranger To Myself.” On the latter, he sings of how before Cassidy came along he was a stranger to himself. “Who I was back then is like an old forgotten song / You showed me who I am / You handed me the keys / And I unlocked the door to a better part of me,” he sings on the chorus.
One of the album’s highlights includes “Travelin’ Light,” featuring Brandi Carlile. The song’s acoustic instrumentation and Carlile’s captivating vocals pair well with Bentley’s. Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and Tim O’Brien also provide musical assistance on the song.
While Bentley has shown is ability at pushing genre lines over the years, on The Mountain he successfully returns to his roots. Having spent time in Colorado writing and recording the album, Bentley proves a master at finding inspiration within his surroundings and, as a result, transports the listener with him. Bentley’s talent as a songwriter and distinct musical influences merge throughout The Mountain for a memorable release that will no doubt serve as a timeless addition to his catalog.
(Annie Reuter/SoundsLikeNashville)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Burning Man (feat. Brothers Osborne) - 3:58
2. The Mountain - 4:44
3. Living - 3:42
4. Woman, Amen - 2:59
5. You Can't Bring Me Down - 4:46
6. Nothing On But The Stars - 3:47
7. Goodbye In Telluride - 3:09
8. My Religion - 3:05
9. One Way - 3:37
10. Son Of The Sun - 3:10
11. Stranger To Myself - 3:24
12. Travelin' Light (feat. Brandi Carlile) - 3:14
13. How I'm Going Out - 3:38

Art-Nr.: 9639
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Black Crowes, The - croweology [2010]
2 CD-Set! Was für eine famose Leistung der Black Crowes! Neues Acoustic Doppel-Album der "Krähen", im übrigen erneut mit Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) an Bord, zum Preis einer Einzel-CD! Dafür spielte die Truppe über 20 Songs ihres umfangreichen, phantastischen Repertoires noch einmal neu ein - wie gesagt, in akustischen Versionen. Doch was heisst hier akustisch: Sagen wir mal, die Basis ist eindeutig akustisch, aber das ist ein richtig kraftvolles, zündendes, ungemein engagiertes Werk geworden, bei dem die Rhythmus-Sektion aus Drums und elektrischem Bass einen wunderbar erdigen, rootsigen Groove vorgibt und auch mal eine dezente, dreckige, elektrische Lead-Gitarre zum Eisatz kommt. Eigentlich sind es also eher semi-akustische Arrangements, doch, und das ist das Entscheidende, sie unterscheiden sich deutlich von den bekannten Versionen. Es ist faszinierend, was die Band in der Lage ist, mit diesem Material noch einmal für einen Spannungsbogen aufzubauen. Der Funke springt sofort über. Tolle Jammings, tolle Grooves, großartige Melodien, ausgedehnte instrumentelle Breaks, Spielfreude, und viel, viel Seele und Inspiration. Enthält im übrigen eine klasse, bisher unveröffentlichte Coverversion von Gram Parsons' "She" und mit "Cold boy smile" auch ein vollkommen neues Stück. Einfach grandios! Ein zusätzliches Highlight ist die überragende Verpackung und Aufmachung des Albums. Die CDs kommen in einem wundervoll illustrierten, 4-fach aufklappbaren Digipack, bei dem sich, sobal man es auseinanderfaltet, in der Mitte ein Gebilde mit zwei am Lagerfeuer sitzenden, Mesch-gewordenen "Hippie-Krähen" erhebt (3 D-Gimmick-Cover), in der Art, wie bei der legendären, alten Jethro Tull-LP "Stand up". Klasse! So etwas Großartiges bekommt man bei einem Download eben nicht geboten. So etwas sollte Schule machen. Ein extrem reizvolles "Verpackungsplus" zu der eh schon genialen Musik. Tolle Sache für die Fans! Rundherum ein saustarkes Teil!

Kurz nach dem VÖ-Termin, am 13. August 2010, starten die Black Crowes in Milwaukee im übrigen ihre große U.S. "Say goodnight to the bad guys"-Tour, bei der sie jeweils einen 90-minütigen Acoustc-Set und einen 90-minütigen Electric-Set spielen werden. 20 Jahre sind es her, seitdem die Band ihr legendäres Album "Shake your money maker" veröffentlichte - und dieses neue Album und die anschliessende Tour sind eine Art Jubiläumsgeschenk der Band an die Fans. Danach ist erst einmal Schluß. Die Band wird sich nicht trennen, allerdings eine längere Auszeit nehmen. "Croweology" ist also so etwas wie ein "Abschiedsalbum" für eine längere Zeit... - aber das wird sicher nochmal ein Genuß für die Fans.

Aus dem Original-Text zur Produktbeschreibung":
The Black Crowes will release Croweology, its first double album of all acoustic material, on August 3. The release celebrates the 20th year anniversary of the Crowes’ 1990 debut Shake Your Money Maker. Following a tour in support of the album, the band has planned a lengthy hiatus. The members of the Black Crowes parted ways in 2001 and reunited in 2005.
“At this milestone in our career, I feel very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to spend my life making music,” Rich Robinson said in a statement. “It’s been 20 years since we started out on this journey. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all of our fans who have been there with us along the way. We would not have gotten here without your support. Every night I stand on the stage I feel great pride and respect for what we share with our fans. After this tour we are going to take some much needed time to spend with our families. But for now, we are very much looking forward to a great year of touring. I look forward to seeing all your familiar faces again on the road. See you soon.”
After touring in 2009, The Black Crowes spent time at the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, recording over 20 songs from their 20-year history. The band arranged acoustic versions of many of their best-loved songs and the band’s catalogue picks."

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Disc 1
1. Jealous Again (5.13)
2. Share The Ride (3.58)
3. Remedy (5.33)
4. Nonfiction (7.53)
5. Hotel Illness (3.38)
6. Soul Singing (4.15)
7. Ballad In Urgency (9.16)
8. Wiser Time (9.33)
9. Cold Boy Smile (Unreleased) (5.35)
10. Under A Mountain (4.43)

Disc 2
1. She Talk s To Angels (6.16)
2. My Morning Song (6.13)
3. Downtown Money Waster (4.17)
4. Good Friday (5.42)
5. Thorn In My Pride (9.35)
6. Welcome To The Goodtimes (4.01)
7. Girl From A Pawnshop (7.08)
8. Sister Luck (5.58)
9. She (Unreleased) (5.31)
10. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye (7.07)

Art-Nr.: 6990
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Bryan, Luke - what makes you country [2017]
Sein unglaublicher Erfolg geht weiter. Das neue Album von Luke Bryan hat bereits kurz nach Erscheinen wieder die Top-Position der Nashville-Charts erklommen. Was er momentan anpackt, wird ein Riesenerfolg. Kaum ein anderer bringt die neue, junge New Country-Generation so rüber, wie Luke Bryan. Dazu gibt es nicht wenige "Kritiker", die "What makes you country" auch als sein bislang bestes Werk bezeichnen. Also: hier passt alles! 15 neue, ganz starke Songs von Luke Bryan.

Hier ein Original U.S.-Review:

Opening up with "What Makes You Country," the album's title track, Luke Bryan immediately showcases why he became one of the most-popular stars of the past decade in country music.: he sings songs about himself, his friends and his audience. This one, an anthem which is to likely be both a radio hit and the opener of his concerts for years to come, also speaks of becoming who you are and that you don’t have to be born and bred or even from the rural areas to be “country.” “Out Of Nowhere Girl” and “Bad Lovers” both speak of dalliances with the opposite sex while “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” is the kind of song that stirs up memories of good summer days gone. “Hungover In A Hotel Room” (which features Emily Weisbend in a supporting vocal role) has a moody melody as it describes a couple in the midst of a morning after a night of bliss.
While there’s plenty of relationship-related music and good times to be had here, there are a couple of songs which will make you stand up and pay attention to What Makes You Country. The first of those is “Most People Are Good,” a song which is subdued in approach but is basically a song that believes in the beauty of humanity and that we all, in the end, really want the same things out of our lives. It also manages to be inspirational without feeling preachy (Though I suspect people WILL call it that when it becomes another hit single for Luke Bryan). “Land Of A Million Songs” is another special moment on the record. It’s basically how and why a musician does what they do. “Win Life” is another attention grabbing moment on What Makes You Country as it describes the need to living to work instead of working to live. Another interesting, attention-grabbing moment is “Drinking Again,” about as simple a sing-a-long song as an artist can have in their repertoire.
Because they have to and it’s part of evert fiber of their being. “Like You Say You Do” is a pleasant song with the kind of details that feel like a cousin to “Jesse’s Girl.” “Hooked On It” is about getting addicted to the music (and works as a cousin to “What Makes You Country”). Interestingly, “Light It Up,” the lead single from this project, is probably the least likable song on the record. So, in a record that is over 51 minutes long and fifteen songs deep, that’s saying something. It remains to be seen if What Makes You Country will become the best recording of his career but it certainly is something fans new and old will find more than enough to like on it. (Matt Bjorke /

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. What Makes You Country - 3:55
2. Out Of Nowhere Girl - 3:38
3. Light It Up - 2:57
4. Most People Are Good - 3:41
5. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset - 3:36
6. Bad Lovers - 3:36
7. Drinking Again - 3:45
8. Land Of A Million Songs - 3:31
9. Like You Say You Do - 3:40
10. Hooked On It - 3:17
11. She's A Hot One - 2:55
12. Hungover In A Hotel Room - 3:54
13. Pick It Up - 2:59
14. Driving This Thing - 2:56
15. Win Life

Art-Nr.: 9562
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Carpenter, Mary Chapin - ashes and roses [2012]
"Ashes and roses" bietet eine Ansammlung von 13 exzellenten, neuen Songs im typischen Stil dieser fantastischen Singer-Songwriterin, zwischen Americana und Country - und zwar auf höchstem Nieveau. "Soul companion" beispielsweise ist ein großartiges Duett mit James Taylor. Wunderbar!

Hier ein U.S.-Review im Original-Wortlaut:

On Ashes and Roses, songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter offers the most confessional record of her career. Always a storyteller whose protagonists could be seamlessly interchanged with the first person, that distance shrinks here; all that's left is the songwriter confronting herself in a mirror. Carpenter examines heartbreak, grief, loneliness, yearning, acceptance, gratitude, and new possibility with a gaze brimming with self-respect and compassion. Musically, the sound here is akin to 2010's Age of Miracles, but perhaps even softer. "Soul Companion," the single that features James Taylor, is not necessarily indicative of this set's sound, nor its greatest strength. The rootsy fingerpicking on "What to Keep and What to Throw Away" is a deep reflection on the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other kind of collecting oneself after the end of a relationship that leaves one devastated: "...These are your instructions/When grace has left you stranded/When you are lost and wounded/Bleeding and abandoned." The personal cost of betrayal is poetically and poignantly rendered in "The Swords We Carried." Carpenter's language, both musical and lyrical, though rich in melody, color, texture, poetic metaphors, and images, never flinches from looking at her subject squarely. With its shimmering mandolins, B-3, and acoustic guitars, "Chasing What's Already Gone" looks through the past to make sense of the present. She gets there, but there's a cost; she willingly pays it and holds herself accountable at the song's conclusion: "Ashes and roses and hearts that break/I tried so hard to be strong/It may be my worst but not my first mistake/Chasing what's already gone." This is the sound of the human heart at a time of reckoning, embracing its brokenness with gentleness. The embrace of grief is observed tenderly on "Learning the World," where it "rides quietly on the passenger side." But there is another side here, too; it's expressed in the resilience in "Don't Need Much to Be Happy," the yearning in "Old Love," and the acceptance that possibility awaits in "New Year's Day." Carpenter is accompanied only by producer Matt Rollings' piano on the closer, "Jericho," where she speaks to an Other about how long it will take to get to know her and how worth it that will be. Ashes and Roses is devastating in its quiet yet dignified and fierce vulnerability. Its courage makes it something singularly beautiful. Musically and lyrically, it is likely to be among her most enduring recordings. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Transcendental Reunion - 4:48
2. What to Keep and What to Throw Away - 4:34
3. The Swords We Carried - 4:06
4. Another Home - 4:29
5. Chasing What's Already Gone - 4:59
6. Learning the World - 4:29
7. I Tried Going West - 4:17
8. Don't Need Much to Be Happy - 4:23
9. Soul Companion - 4:02
10. Old Love - 4:46
11. New Year's Day - 4:55
12. Fading Away - 4:21
13. Jericho - 4:03

Art-Nr.: 7823
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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Chesney, Kenny - live: live those songs again [2006]
Kenny Chesney zählt schon seit geraumer Zeit zu den unbestrittenen Superstars der New Country-Szene. Er ist mit Charisma ausgestattet, hat ein Händchen für die zu ihm passenden Songs, und ist wegen seiner energiegeladenen Live Shows ein Entertainer, der es, ähnlich wie Garth Brooks zu seinen Glanzzeiten, versteht, die Massen in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Nach seinem zuletzt wieder prächtig eingeschlagenem Studio-Album "The Road And The Radio" hat sich Kenny nun zu einem Live-Album entschlossen, das seine letzten Karriere-Jahre in den fast immer prall gefüllten Arenen (hier an fünf verschiedenen Orten: Knoxville, Pittsburgh, Nassau, Nashville und Los Angeles) reflektiert. Ein echtes, typisch amerikanisches Stadion-Konzert-Spektakel, das in seiner Emotionalität unweigerlich Reminiszenzen an Garth Brooks legendäres "Double-Live"-Werk aufkommen lässt. Ein enthusiastisches Publikum, das vor, teilweise während und nach jedem Stück in euphorischem Gekreische ausbricht und jede Gelegenheit nutzt, wohl bekannte Textpassagen im Kollektiv mitzsingen, sobald der Meister die Gelegenheit dazu nur im Ansatz offenbart. Natürlich versteht es Chesney exzellent, genau die Lieder zu performen, die für solche Anlässe wie gemacht sind, doch das sind sehr viele seines Repertoires. So reihen sich vom einleitenden Song "Live Those Songs" bis zum abschließenden Powerstück "She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy", ein prächtig mitsingbarer Hit nach dem anderen aneinander, wobei der (im positiven Sinne) sehr routiniert wirkende Kenny immer wieder geschickt zwischen den Temperamenten der einzelnen Lieder variiert. Verlassen kann er sich dabei auf eine furios aufspielende Begleitband, in der der sehr starke Drummer Sean Paddock (äußerst kraftvoll) und der filigrane Lead-Gitarrist Clayton Mitchell (viele southern-inspirierte Soli) immer wieder den Ton angeben. Bis zum ersten Durchatmer "What I Need To Know" (wunderschöne, melodische Country-Ballade, inkl. Bandvorstellung) geht es zunächst mit fünf New-Country-/Arena-Rockern in die Vollen (u. a. "Young", "Beer In Mexico", "Keg In The Closet"), welche die Massen zurecht in Wallung treiben und diese wohl nur in amerikanischen Arenen aufkommende Gänsehaut-Atmosphäre auslösen. Klasse auch das unweigerlich Urlaubsstimmung auslösende "When The Sun Goes Down" mit herrlichen, karibisch anmutenden Steel-Drums, ebenfalls dargeboten, wie schon seinerzeit in der Studiofassung, im Duett mit "Spaßkanone" Uncle Kracker. Weiterer Höhepunkt sind das Midtempostück "Anything But Mine" mit seiner schönen Akustikgitarren-Untermalung, den angenehmen Orgelparts und den großartigen Southern-E-Gitarren-Passagen des bereits erwähnten Clayton Mitchell, sowie die tolle Gute Laune-Nummer "How Forever Feels" (klasse Drum-/Bass Intro, knackiges Piano, feine Steel und Fiddle-Fills). Kenny Chesney ist es auf seinen Live-Album prächtig gelungen eine Energie geladene Synthese aus Arena-Rock und New Country (wobei die Basis, so kraftvoll und rockig die Performance auch sein mag, von Chesney's Anlagen und seiner Art des Auftretens her immer eindeutig "country" ist) zu schaffen und einen tollen musikalischen Einblick in die wohl entscheidende Phase seiner Laufbahn zu gewähren. Die CD kommt mit einem richtig dicken, 24-seitigen, reichhaltig bebildertem Booklet, in dem Kenny mittels diverser Statements viele ihn bewegende, detaillierte Eindrücke vermittelt und sich bei all seinen Förderern, Fans und Bekannten ausgiebig bedankt. Schade eigentlich nur, dass in der heutigen Zeit nicht so etwas direkt auch als DVD auf den Markt gebracht wird, aber vielleicht kommt das ja eines Tages. Bis es soweit ist, ist diese Kenny Chesney-Live-CD aber in jedem Fall ein "Muß"! Jawohl, lasst uns diese tollen Songs noch einmal erleben. Klasse Live-Stoff, nicht nur für New Country- und Chesney-Anhänger! (Daniel Daus)

Art-Nr.: 4468
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Civil Wars, The - same [2013]
Sehnlichst erwartetes Follow-Up des grandiosen Americana-/Singer-Songwriter-/Alternative Country-/Folk Rock-Duos Joy Williams und John Paul White zu dem mit 3 Grammys dekorierten, frenetisch gefeierten Debut "Barton hollow". The Civil Wars machen genau da weiter, wo sie mit ihrem Vorgänger aufgehört haben. Songmaterial und Performance sind exzellent!

Kurze Original-Produktinfo:
The Civil Wars' highly anticipated sophomore self-titled album is the follow up to the three-time Grammy Award-winning duo's acclaimed debut, Barton Hollow.
The Civil Wars was recorded in Nashville between August 2012 and January 2013. Charlie Peacock was once again at the helm as producer for the album. Additionally, Rick Rubin produced the duo's performance for the track "I Had Me a Girl" in August of 2011. Peacock later completed the track by producing the instrumentation and mix.

Exklusives "Track by Track"-Review zu allen Stücken des Albums von Joy Williams:


This song pays homage to regret. Nearly everybody I've come across has somebody in their life that they wonder what life would be like if they'd never met that person. It's that sliding-door moment -- in the blink of an eye everything could change. Either for the positive or the negative.
John Paul and I wrote this song in the screened-in porch of my and Nate's new home. I remember warm breezes blowing, a mild day. I had recently had my son, Miles, who happened to be asleep with Nate in the living room, right next to the porch. I remember asking John Paul to play quietly so he didn't wake up the baby.


This song always conjures up an image of a glass of whiskey and a lit cigarette. It's a little brooding. A little dangerous. It smolders. It has swagger and grit. It's full of innuendo and Southern Gothic tones. I love the feel of this track, and the way this song came together on the record. "I Had Me a Girl" is one of those musical moments that makes me wish I knew how to play electric guitar. Or any guitar, for that matter.


This song, to me, represents the ache of monogamy. This isn't an "I'm leaving you" song. It's a vulnerable confession of "I don't want to leave. I want to work on this -- with you." Having said that, someone once told me a story about long-term relationships: to think of them as a continent to explore. I could spend a lifetime backpacking through Africa, and I would still never know all there is to know about that continent. To stay the course, to stay intentional, to stay curious and connected -- that's the heart of it. But it's so easy to lose track of the trail, to get tired, to want to give up, or to want a new adventure. It can be so easy to lose sight of the goodness and mystery within the person sitting right in front of you. That continent idea inspires me, and makes the ache when it comes hurt a little less. To know that it happens to all of us. What I'm realizing now is that sometimes the "same old same old" can actually be rich, worthwhile and a great adventure.


This song is an anthem for the lonely. Sometimes you come across somebody who thinks they are hiding their pain, but if we are all honest, nobody is very good at it. "You're like a mirror, reflecting me. Takes one to know one, so take it from me.” When John Paul and I wrote this late one night in Birmingham, England, we decided to change the pronoun at the end of the song. We wanted to represent that we all experience loneliness in our lives.


We brought in our producer, Charlie Peacock, on this song. He helped with arrangements and really helped take the song to a totally different place. Sometimes as an artist, you can't see what needs re-arranging when you're so "in it." Charlie brought perspective. Almost like an eavesdrop within an "Eavesdrop."
Strangely enough, this song always reminds me that my voice has changed since the last album. I have my son to thank for that, truly. When I was first pregnant and performing on the road, I thought something was wrong with my voice. I was having a hard time hitting high notes, while my low notes kept getting deeper and deeper. I did some research with the help of a vocal coach, and learned that hormone levels affect a female singing range. Having a boy, naturally, upped my testosterone levels, making low notes easier to hit and higher notes harder to reach. But the great thing? After having Miles, I regained my high range AND have kept my low range. Pregnancy literally changed the makeup of my vocal cords. There's a different timbre to it now, and I love that I can hear the story of my son in my singing.


This song is our take on an Americana murder ballad. It's dark, prickly, anxious. It was fun writing because we just imagined some dust-bowl scenario, a broke-down town, and a man awaiting being hung for something he did in the name of trying to provide for his family. The woman who loves him is watching him standing there on the gallows.
This song always reminds me of when the melody first came to mind. I was doing my makeup in the tiled bathroom upstairs, with my newborn Miles in a yellow rocking bassinet next to me. I started singing, and turned on the voice memo app on my iPhone so I wouldn't forget it. As I sang, Miles started cooing along with me. Not on pitch, mind you, but I'd move a note, and he'd move a note. I'm never deleting that voice memo. It's become one of my favorites.


That's our Grand Ole Opry song. A new spiritual. It's actually the oldest song written on the album. We wrote it before Barton Hollow came out. Even though we didn't have our own recording of it, we started performing it live and it became a fan favorite. It made sense to finally put it on an album. One of my favorite moments on stage every night was singing the a cappella part together.


We recorded the performance at Fame studio in Muscle Shoals, a place we'd written a few songs before that made it onto Barton Hollow. I always felt the musical ghosts in that studio, one of whom was the great Etta James. We're a band that's known for covering songs live in our own way, and we thought it would be fun to take a stab at "Tell Mama." I found out later that where we recorded was the same room she recorded her version. That might explain why I kept getting goosebumps.


We wrote it one week before Barton Hollow, in the mountains of Salt Lake City during our first Sundance Festival. We conjured up a story about a woman who was married to a philandering man. She is begging her man to level with her, and letting him know she can only take so much, a la "it's gonna kill me or it's gonna kill you."


Again, we're the band who loves to do covers. Both John Paul and I have always been huge Smashing Pumpkins fans. Nate mentioned it might be a cool cover, and we actually wound up working it out the same day that we wrote "Oh Henry" up in Salt Lake City for Sundance. It turned into another on-stage staple that people asked for every night. We found out later from his then-manager that Billy dug it.


We wrote this song in a flat in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in full view on a cold night. Tall windows, Victorian furniture, and somehow the atmosphere of all of that seeped into the song. Nate and our friends were there in the room as we wrote, all of us drinking wine together. I also loved getting to try out my flawed French. I wrote what words I knew in French, and then had a Parisian friend named Renata Pepper (yes, that's her real name) look it over later and help me translate. When we recorded the song for the album, I called in a French professor from Vanderbilt named Becky Peterson, who has now become a good friend.


We wrote this song in the studio behind my house in Nashville, on a warm summer day, with the windows and doors open. This song is a sweet lament, of loss and the belief that you'll never be able to love anybody else again. I stumbled across "Letters of Note" on Twitter, and was struck by the title of a letter written by a famous physicist named Richard Feynman: "I love my wife. My wife is dead." A little over a year after her death, he wrote his wife a love letter and sealed it. It was written in 1946, and wasn't opened until after his death in 1988. He ended his note to his long-lost wife with "Please excuse my not mailing this -- but I don't know your new address."
Another aside to this song: While we were recording the song together, John Paul and I could hear crows cawing in the background that I've since named Edgar, Allen and Poe. This recording and performance of the song is the first and only in existence, a work tape recorded simply on my iPhone.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. The One That Got Away - 3.32
2. I Had Me a Girl - 3.45
3. Same Old Same Old - 3.48
4. Dust to Dust - 3.49
5. Eavesdrop - 3.35
6. Devil's Backbone - 2.29
7. From This Valley - 3.33
8. Tell Mama - 3.48
9. Oh Henry - 3.32
10. Disarm - 4.42
11. Sacred Heart - 3.19
12. D'Arline - 3.06

Art-Nr.: 8264
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock; Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

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Ehrhardt, Sena - live my life [2014]
"Sena Ehrhardt has emerged as one of the freshest and most dynamic young voices on the blues scene today", urteilt die einschlägige, amerikanische Presse. In der Tat haben wir es hier mit einem Riesen-Talent zu tun. "Live my life" ist bereits das dritte Werk der jungen, überaus attraktiven Blondine aus Rochester im U.S.-Bundesstaat Minnesota - und es ist ein ganz wunderbares Blues-/Bluesrock-Werk geworden, fundamentiert im traditionellen Blues, doch verpackt in ein genauso zeitloses wie top-aktuelles Ambiente voller, knackiger Rock-, Soul- und Funk-Anteile, zuweilen auch garneirt mit leichten "Pop-Sensibilities", das prächtig hängen bleibt und einen vollends überzeugt - von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute. Die Singer-Songwriterin, nach eigenen Angaben beeinflusst von solch unterschiedlichen Leuten wie Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi (Tedeschi Trucks Band), B.B. King, Koko Taylor, The Fabulous Thunderbirds und Luther Allison, verfügt über eine großartige, leicht heisere, sehr kraftvolle, starke Stimme, mit der sie in der Lage ist von laszivem "bedroom whisper" bis " powerful punching you right between the eyes" zu variieren. Begleitet wird Sena von einer großartigen Band, allen voran der fabelhafte Gitarrist Cole Allen, der hier ganz groß aufspielt und mit den bekannte "Guitarslingern" der Bluesrock-Szene problemlos mithalten kann. Seine Riffs und Soli sind allererste Sahne. Zudem fungiert er neben Ehrhardt als Komponist und Co-Komponist und steuert sowohl erstklassigen Background- wie auch Lead-Gesang bei. Sehr stark hier sein Duett mit der Frontfrau bei der prächtigen Ballade "Too late to ask". Das gesamte Songmaterial (neben den Eigenkompositionen und einem Stück ihres Keyboardes Bruce McCabe gibt es drei ausgesuchte Coverversionen) besticht mit großartigen Melodien und Strukturen, aber auch einem erdigen, fetten Gitarren-Sound (eine "tighte", stake Rhythmusfraktion und hervorragend integrierte Piano-, Wurlitzer-, und Orgel-Ergänzungen tun ihr übriges), den das bekannte Produzenten-Genie David Z bravourös in Szene gesetzt hat. Kein Wunder, dass die Truppe bei dieser Klasse bereits im Vorprogramm solcher Größen wie B.B. King, ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Dickey Betts, Johnny Winter und Gregg Allman aufgetreten ist. Schon der Opener des Albums, "Stakes have gone up", ist ein Killer-Track, ein voller Soul steckender, toll groovender, genauso flüssiger, wie knackiger und druckvoller Uptempo-Bluesrocker, der einen unmittelbar beeindruckt und "aufhorchen" lässt. Man ist jetzt schon gefangen von dieser Musik. Sena singt voller Seele und Herz, und Cole Allen brilliert mit feuriger Gitarrenarbeit (saustarkes Solo), unterstützt von nicht allzu aufdringlichem, angenehmem Piano-Geklimper. Ein Auftakt nach Mass - und es geht ohne Ausnahme so weiter. Mit dem kochenden "Things you shoudn't need to know" folgt ein dampfender, klasse rockender Blues-Shuffle, bei dem sich Gast Smokin' Jo Kubek mit seiner magischen Slide und Allen ein glühendes Gitarren-Duell liefern. Mit der Lawrence Williams-Komposition "Slow down" hören wir anschließend einen wunderbar lässig groovenden, schön lockeren, mit einer leichten Funk-Note versehenen Retro-Bluesrocker, dessen starke Gitarren-Licks von herrlichen Piano- und Wurlitzer-Klängen begleitet werden. Natürlich fehlt auch hier das obligarorische Gitarrensolo von Allen nicht, dass der Meister mit einem ordentlich erdigen, dreckigen Ritt abliefert. Hat gar entfernt was von Led Zeppelin. Klasse! Nun nimmt sich Miss Ehrhardt den alten Freddie King-/Leon Russell-Klassiker "Help me through the day" vor und interpretiert ihn in Form einer hingebungsvollen, ungemein inspirierten Ballade, ehe bei dem kochenden, melodischen Titelstück "Live my life" (krachende Riffs) wieder mehr aufs Gaspedal gedrückt wird. Ganz stark auch die Fassung von Albert Collins' "If trouble was money", das Sena seelig vorträgt und bei dem Cole Allen wieder mit einem fulminanten, ausgedehnten Solo brilliert. "Live my life" ist ein fabelhaftes Album von einem der besten, weiblichen Talente, die die aktuelle Blues-/ und Bluesrock-Szene zu bieten hat. Ehrhardt's Potenzial scheint riesig zu sein, das spürt man zu jeder Minute. Da steht womöglich eine große Karriere bevor. Wie dem auch sei, dieses Werk jedenfalls bietet "finest soulful female Bluesrock" der allerersten Güte, eingespielt mit einer klasse Band inklusive eines herausragenden Gitarrsiten.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Stakes Have Gone Up - 3:18
2. Things You Shouldn't Need to Know - 4:35
3. Slow Down - 3:41
4. Help Me Through the Day - 4:43
5. Live My Life - 3:49
6. Chilled to the Bone - 4:00
7. Too Late to Ask - 4:34
8. Everybody Is You - 3:53
9. If Trouble Was Money - 5:49
10. Did You Ever Love Me at All - 3:46
11. Come Closer - 4:27

Art-Nr.: 8773
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Stakes have gone up
Things you shouldn't need to know
Slow down
Help me through the day
Live my life
If trouble was money
Come closer

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Evans, Sara - words [2017]
Klasse neues Album von Sara Evans. Nach vielen Turbulenzen, sowohl im privaten, als auch musikalischen Bereich, hat sich Sara Evans von ihrem bisherigen Major-Label getrennt und veröffentlich "Words" nun auf ihrem eigenen Label "Born To Fly", vertrieben von einem unabhängigen Distributor. Die neu gewonnene, musikalische Freiheit bekommt ihr hörbar gut, denn ihr neues Werk wirkt frisch und unverbraucht. Sie spielt genau die Songs, die sie spielen möchte, frei von jedem Mainstream- und Erfolgsdruck, einfach nur der Musik willen. Das gelingt großartig.. Bester Country/ New Country einer erstklassigen Sängerin mit neu gewonnener musikalischer Freihet. Stark!

Hier noch ein Originbal U,S.-Review zu dieser klasse Veröffentlichung:

Sara Evans returns after three years away with 14 new songs to showcase who she is as a mother, wife, lover, fighter and business woman. Chasing the mainstream can be a hard thing for a successful artist when they have had a handful of hits and released records which cracked the mainstream zeitgeist. Like Lee Ann Rimes did with Remnants earlier this year, Sara Evans has decided to independently release Words on her own label (Born To Fly Records) and it finds her refreshed and sounding better than she did on her past couple of releases (even if she did get one more great hit in "A Little Bit Stronger" from that era). Instead of chasing whatever sounds the mainstream has, we have Sara in contemplative balladeer mode throughout the Majority of Words and this is truly where Sara and her distinctive alto shine.
Midtempo "Diving In Deep" reminds me of Paul Simon's "Graceland" musically with some afro-centric percussive melodies serving as the anchor for Sara Evans to sing about falling in love with all the gusto that we always do when in a relationship ("when all is fair in love in war, the consequence I will ignore because this time I'm diving in deep," she sings). "I Don't Trust Myself" is a moody song about being self-aware enough to not fall back into old routines while "I Want You" is a sweet, soaring alternative to "I Don't Trust Myself." Fans of the earlier catalog from Sara Evans, will certainly find moments to enjoy here with the rootsy "Make Room At The Bottom" (co-written by Ashley Monroe), "I'm On My Way" and album opener "Long Way Down" while "Marquee Sign," one of three songs co-written by Sara Evans herself, showcase the singer's pen is still sharp. The song also showcases harmonies from her daughter Olivia. The title track, "Words," feels like a long-lost Emmylou song and "Night Light" features family harmony from Sara Evans three siblings Matt, Lesley and Ashley. Finally, "Letting You Go," is a song any parent can relate to as they watch their children grow up and go away and become adults themselves. It's a beautiful song and a strong closer (though, really, the acoustic version of "A Little Bit Stronger" serves as the real closer here).
It's often hard for stars to know when the time is right to stop chasing mainstream radio and it gets even harder for them to do that if they strive for a career in the independent realm. On some ways, you could listen to Sara Evans new, independently-released Words album and feel like she's chasing a train she'll never catch but the reality is that this is a record for a fans and if she does get some mainstram radio success, awesome, but if not, that's OK too because, hits or not, Words is the record of her career. (Matt Bjorke/Roughstock)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Long Way Down - 4:14
2. Marquee Sign - 4:01
3. Diving in Deep - 2:36
4. All the Love You Left Me - 4:17
5. Like the Way You Love Me - 3:05
6. Rain and Fire - 3:38
7. Night Light - 3:38
8. I Need a River - 4:22
9. I Don't Trust Myself - 3:34
10. Make Room at the Bottom - 3:12
11. Words - 2:48
12. I Want You - 3:41
13. Letting You Go - 4:11
14. A Little Bit Stronger (Acoustic Version) - 4:38

Art-Nr.: 9478
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

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Giddens, Rhiannon - tomorrow is my turn [2015]
Großartiges Solo-Debut der Frontfrau und Multi-Instrumentalistin von den Carolina Chocolate Drops. Die fantastische Sängerin brilliert mit einer ungemeni facettenreichen Scheibe zwischen Americana, Roots, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Country, Gospel, Rock und Soul, produziert von T Bone Burnett. Bärenstark beispielsweise ihre Interpretationen von Dolly Parton's "Don't let it trouble your mind" oder Elizabeth Cotten's "Shake sugaree". Unter den beteiligten Musikern sind solche Größen wie etwa T Bone Burnett (guitar), Colin Linden (guitar), Dennis Crouch (bass), Jay Bellerose (drums), Gabe Witcher (fiddle) und Keefus Ciancia (keyboards). Charismatisch! Edel!

Die Origianl-Produktbeschreibung:

Rhiannon Giddens, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and founding member of Grammy Award-winning Carolina Chocolate Drops, makes her solo recording debut with Tomorrow Is My Turn, due out February 10, 2015, on Nonesuch Records. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett.
Burnett first worked with Giddens when she performed last fall at a concert he curated at New York City’s Town Hall that was later broadcast on Showtime: Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of “Inside Llewyn Davis.” Backstage, Burnett was immediately moved to ask if he could produce a record with her. “It was clear the first time I heard her at rehearsal that Rhiannon is next in a long line of singers that include Marian Anderson, Odetta, Mahalia Jackson, Rosetta Tharpe,” Burnett says. “We need that person in our culture.”
For her first solo disc, Giddens chose a broad range of songs from genres as diverse as gospel, jazz, blues, and country. In addition to the traditional “Black Is the Color,” tracks include Hank Cochran’s “She’s Got You,” made famous by Patsy Cline; Dolly Parton’s “Don't Let It Trouble Your Mind”; “O Love Is Teasin’,” popularized by the Kentucky-reared “mother of folk” Jean Ritchie; and Elizabeth Cotton’s “Shake Sugaree.”
“I had already started putting together a list of songs that didn’t really fit into the Chocolate Drops world,” Giddens explains. “At the top was ‘Tomorrow Is My Turn’ [immortalized by Nina Simone]. Seeing Nina do it on YouTube was revelatory. I knew she’d gone through a lot of hard times, as so many people did in that time period. Watching her sing this song, with the words ‘tomorrow is my turn,’ I began to think about the struggle of her and women like her.” The significance of this song led Giddens to make it the title of the album as well. “Other songs started getting on my list and they were all by women or interpreted by women,” she says.
"Tomorrow Is My Turn" was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville, with a multi-generational group of players whom Burnett assembled. Among them are fiddle player Gabe Witcher and double bassist Paul Kowert of label-mates Punch Brothers; percussionist Jack Ashford of Motown’s renowned Funk Brothers; drummer Jay Bellerose; guitarist Colin Linden; legendary backup singer Tata Vega; veteran Nashville session bassist Dennis Crouch; and Giddens’ Drops touring band-mates, multi-instrumentalist Hubby Jenkins and beat-boxer Adam Matta.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Last Kind Words - 4:13
2. Don't Let It Trouble Your Mind - 3:39
3. Waterboy - 3:45
4. She's Got You - 4:17
5. Up Above My Head - 3:09
6. Tomorrow is My Turn - 4:37
7. Black Is the Color - 3:45
8. Round About the Mountain - 3:30
9. Shake Sugaree - 4:24
10. O Love Is Teasin' - 4:32
11. Angel City - 3:52

Art-Nr.: 8790
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 13,90

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Gov't Mule - the georgia bootleg box ~ 6 cd live-set [2012]
6 CD-Set!
Wieder mal ein Fest für die Mule-Heads!
Die großartige, 6 CDs umfassende "Georgie Bootleg Box" enthält insgesamt 3 komplette Konzerte der aussergewöhnlichen Blues-/Southern-/Jamrock-Band um den genialen Gitarristen Warren Haynes, alle mitgeschnitten im Jahre 1996, als die Band gerade mal 2 Jahre bestand. Wir hören hier also die legendäre Original-Besetzung mit dem unvergessenen Allen Woody am Bass. Die Band hatte schon immer eine besondere und sehr enge Beziehung zum U.S.-Bundesstaat Georgia. Nicht zuletzt fanden seinerzeit im "Big House" der The Allman Brothers Band in Macon die ellerersten Session von Warren Haynes, Matt Abts und Allen Woody statt. Konsequent also, dass die Truppe nun diese wunderbaren Live-Shows ihren unzähligen Fans zugänglich macht. Im übrigen tauchten auch damals schon bei den Mule-Shows immer mal wieder illustre, hoch interessante Gäste auf. Hier waren das zum Beispiel der blutjunge Derek Trucks (The Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band) und Tinsley Ellis. Gov't Mule in ihrem Element - und die Fans feiern...

Hier ein Statement von Warren Haynes zu dieser großartigen Veröffentlichung im Original-Wortlaut:
Those of you that have followed the Mule's history know that our connection with the state of Georgia is a deep one. Our first rehearsals were at the one-time living quarters of the Allman Brothers Band known as The Big House (now the ABB museum) in Macon, GA. Some later rehearsals took place at what used to be the legendary Capricorn Recording Studio in Macon while recording the song GONNA SEND YOU BACK TO GEORGIA for the HOUND DOG TAYLOR Tribute CD. A lot of our earliest shows were in Georgia as well so a lot of our growth as a band took place in front of Georgia audiences.
Most Mule fans know also that two of our official "live" releases were recorded on back to back New Year's Eves (1998 and 1999) at the Roxy Theater in Atlanta. Venues like the Roxy and the Georgia Theater in Athens were staples in our early touring schedule (while watching an episode of the TV show CITY CONFIDENTIAL that took place in Athens I got a chuckle seein GOV’T MULE on the marquis as they scanned past the Georgia Theater).
Having recently been reminded of these 3 shows from '96, and of the fact that they had been recorded and mixed by Doug Oade back in the day, I found myself listening to these recordings for the first time in fifteen years. I was instantly taken with the visceral nature of the music along with the rawness of the way that it was captured. The Mule was barely two years old at this time and what we hear here, along with many songs from our first CD, are the works in progress of many songs that would later wind up on DOSE and in some cases LIFE BEFORE INSANITY. This was at a time in our career when our repertoire was small but constantly growing, not unlike our fan base.
Enjoy! (Warren Haynes)

Die kompletten Setlists der 3 Konzerte:

Georgia Theatre
Athens, GA

Disc 1:
1. Blind Man in the Dark (9.30)
2. Mother Earth (8.00)
3. John the Revelator (1.40)
4. Temporary Saint (6.11)
5. Game Face (6.22)
6. No Need to Suffer (8.09)
7. Trane > (7.14)
8. Eternity's Breath Jam > (2.00)
9. Thelonius Beck > (4.08)
10. Trane > (1.19)
11. St. Stephen Jam > (4.30)
12. Trane (2.48)
13. Don't Step on the Grass, Sam (8.02)

Disc 2:
1. Presence of the Lord (6.41)
2. Birth of the Mule (6.00)
3. Left Coast Groovies (6.23)
4. Drums (6.44)
5. Mule > (4.54)
6. Who Do You Love > (1.35)
7. Mule (3.12)
8. Goin’ Out West (7.11)
9. Spanish Moon (11.47) *
10. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia (7.29) *
* With Derek Trucks on guitar

The Roxy
Atlanta, GA

Disc 1:
1. Blind Man in the Dark (9.34)
2. Mother Earth (8.31)
3. Mule (5.54)
4. Temporary Saint (6.15)
5. Game Face (6.27)
6. No Need to Suffer (8.19)
7. Trane > (6.51)
8. Eternity's Breath Jam > (2.02)
9. Thelonius Beck > (3.56)
10. Trane > (1.41)
11. St. Stephen Jam > (4.37)
12. Trane (1.35)
13. Painted Silver Light (7.19)

Disc 2:
1. Don't Step on the Grass, Sam (7.59)
2. Birth of the Mule (5.31)
3. Just Got Paid (7.32)
4. Goin' Out West (6.16)
5. The Same Thing (10.17)
6. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia (8.33) *
7. Young Man Blues( 2.35) * >
8. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (7.23) *>
9. Young Man Blues (1.59) *
*With Derek Trucks on guitar

Elizabeth Reed Music Hall
Macon, GA

1. Blind Man in the Dark (9.54)
2. Mother Earth (9.09)
3. John the Revelator (1.42)
4. Temporary Saint (5.49)
5. Rocking Horse (4.36)
6. Game Face (6.47)
7. No Need to Suffer (8.41)
8. Trane > (8.55)
9. Eternity’s Breath Jam > (1.58)
10. Thelonius Beck > (4.01)
11. Trane > (1.41)
12. St. Stephen Jam (5.46)

Disc 2:
1. Presence of the Lord (6.44)
2. Birth of the Mule (6.41)
3. Monkey Hill > (4.36)
4. She's So Heavy Jam (1.28)
5. Mule (7.07)
6. Goin' Out West (7.55)
7. She's 19 Years Old (10.20) *
8. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia (8.20)*
* With Tinsley Ellis on guitar

Art-Nr.: 7952
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 31,90

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Grateful Dead - rocking the cradle ~ egypt 1978 [2008]
2 CDs & 1 DVD-Set!
Recorded live at Gizah Sound & Light Thaeter, Cairo, Egypt, 15. und 16. September 1978! 30 Jahre nach Grateful Dead's legendärem Ägypten-Trip erscheint dieses historische Ereignis nun auf einer Doppel-CD (über 145 Minuten Spielzeit) und einer großartigen Live-DVD!
Die DVD ist "code free" und somit auf jedem DVD-Player abspielbar!

Der offizielle Text zur Veröffentlichung:

"Good things come to those who wait! First, it took 30 years to produce this ultra-cool 2CD/DVD set from the Dead’s legendary September 1978 run at the Sound & Light Theater, outside Cairo, nestled in the dunes just a short mummy-walk from the Great Pyramid and the mysterious Sphinx. Then, Dead Heads had to endure the long, restless weeks between the announcement of the release and when they could actually order it. Well, ring them bells, because the wait is over! This beautiful and historic package, Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978, which includes two exceptional music CDs and a DVD with over 95 minutes of concert footage from the Egypt shows (plus an impressionistic “Vacation Tapes” mini-documentary that shows the band and Dead family at play) is now available. Much has been written about this storied adventure: About the band’s long-standing desire to play in “places of power,” as Phil put it years ago… The incredible logistical gymnastics necessary to get permission for this strangest of American rock bands to bring their peculiar alchemy to the cradle of the ancient world… The huge, scattered caravan of crazies that descended on Cairo from the U.S. and Europe, drawn to the desert by some irresistible force… The sheer magnitude of shipping in tons of sound equipment, setting up in 110-degree heat, maxing out the local power grid, trying to turn the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid into an echo chamber (alas, Osiris would have none of that!)… The wondrous interplay at each of the three concerts between Nubian drummers and singers and the Grateful Dead… The miraculous final show, during a total lunar eclipse… The synchronicity of that last show and the signing of a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel… Magical horse and camel rides under the desert moon…Trips up and down the Nile… High adventure at every turn!

The three Egypt concerts—September 14, 15, 16, 1978—were captured on a 24-track tape recorder with an eye towards putting out a live album to help defray the (considerable) cost of the expedition. When the Dead got home, however, they discovered that the tapes of all of the first night and part of the second were not useable because of technical problems. Then the band got wrapped up in finishing their Shakedown Street album (begun before the Egypt venture), and soon the notion of putting out the Egypt album lost its momentum. But just as Howard Carter and all those other explorers in the ’20s and ’30s couldn’t stay away from the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, the Dead weren’t about to let those Egypt multitracks stay buried by the sands of time. Next thing you know there’s a phone call to ace GD mixer Jeffrey Norman and he and vaultkeeper David Lemieux discover that despite the problems with the first night’s tapes, there’s still lots of great material available from nights two and three, including: a dynamite “Shakedown Street” (just the second live version ever), “Truckin’,” an exquisite “Stella Blue,” “Eyes of the World,” fresh takes on then-new songs such as “Stagger Lee” and “I Need A Miracle,” and the hypnotic Egyptian tune called “Ollin Arageed” that features Hamza El Din and other percussionists, who are then joined by the Dead for a jam into “Fire on the Mountain.” Wow!

And the concert video, though rough around the edges in places, is quite a revelation as well. Not only does the DVD include many of the best tunes on the CDs—you’ll dig seeing Jerry do some pretty energetic thrashing here and there—it contains two songs not on disc—“Bertha” and “Good Lovin’.” The concert material has been mixed in both stereo and surround sound, with two listening options: DTS 5.1 and PCM Stereo. The beautifully designed booklet (with cover inspired by the late, great Alton Kelley’s Egypt 1978 tour poster) contains a revealing essay by longtime Ice Nine Publishing chief (and Egypt trip co-organizer) Alan Trist, and many rare photos. All that’s missing is sand, the smell of camels and some 'hubbly-bubbly'"!

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1
1 Jack Straw - 6:44   
2 Row Jimmy - 11:46   
3 New, New Minglewood Blues - 6:26   
4 Candyman - 7:29   
5 Looks Like Rain - 8:52   
6 Stagger Lee - 7:29   
7 I Need a Miracle - 5:45   
8 It's All Over Now - 7:39   
9 Deal - 7:03   

Disc 2
1 Ollin Arageed - 6:56   
2 Fire on the Mountain - 14:05   
3 Iko Iko - 7:03   
4 Shakedown Street - 15:30   
5 Drums - 3:31   
6 Space - 2:26   
7 Truckin' - 10:14   
8 Stella Blue - 8:18   
9 Around and Around - 8:21   

Disc 3 - DVD (Live Concert Film)
1 Bertha
2 Good Lovin'
3 Row Jimmy
4 New, New Minglewood Blues
5 Candyman
6 Looks Like Rain
7 Deal
8 Ollin Arageed
9 Fire on the Mountain
10 Iko Iko
11 I Need a Miracle
12 It's All Over Now
13 Truckin'
14 The Vacation Tapes (kleiner Film über den Trip)

Art-Nr.: 5996
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 28,90

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Guy, Buddy - rhythm & blues [2013]
2 CD-Set! 3 Jahre nach den Grammy-dekorierten "Living proof" veröffentlicht Meistergitarrist und lebende Blues-Legende Buddy Guy sein neues Album, und zwar gleich eine Doppel-CD. Bereits im Vorfeld wird "Rhythm & Blues" als eine weitere, absolute musikalische Sternstunde in der langen Karriere Guy's gefeiert, und die ersten Reviews bestätigen diese Vorschußlorbeeren nachdrücklich. Ein paar der Songs des neuen Werkes hat der Meister mit einigen hochkarätigen Gästen eingespielt, was einmal mehr seine einzigartige Verbindung zwischen Tradition und Moderne offenbart. Mit dabei waren der neue, junge Guitarhero des Blues, Gary Clark jr., Beth Hart, aber auch genrefremde Größen wie Keith Urban, Kid Rock und Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry und Brad Whitford. Produziert hat sein langjähriger Weggefährte Tom Hambridge! Der ewig junge Buddy Guy befindet auch mit 76 Jahren noch in der Blüte seiner Karriere. Großartig!

Die offizielle Produktbeschreibung:

Six-time Grammy Award winner and 2012 Kennedy Center Honoree Buddy Guy will release his new studio album Rhythm & Blues. The follow-up to his 2010 Grammy Award winning album Living Proof, this double-disc masterpiece features first time studio collaborations with A-list artists Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Gary Clark, Jr., Beth Hart and Aerosmith members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Rhythm & Blues will be available for pre-order at all online retailers on June 25th.
Produced by Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter and longtime collaborator Tom Hambridge (Skin Deep, Living Proof), Rhythm & Blues captures the 76 year-young Guy at the peak of his creativity. Replete with heartfelt vocals, straightforward lyrics and mesmerizing guitar licks, Rhythm & Blues not only exemplifies how blues continues to be the foundation of all genres of today's music, it also illustrates why Guy has been influential in the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more.
The Rhythm disc includes rhythm and blues-style blues with deep grooves, such as the Junior Wells' 1960 hit "Messin' With The Kid" featuring Kid Rock, the touching "One Day Away" with Keith Urban, and "What You're Gonna Do About Me," a rousing duet with Beth Hart. Guy rounds out the disc with "Best In Town," "Whiskey Ghost," Guitar Slim's "Well I Done Got Over It" and more.
The Blues disc taps into the genre's rich history with "Meet Me In Chicago," "I Could Die Happy," "Never Gonna Change" and "All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues." Aerosmith's Tyler, Perry and Whitford contribute to the musical lesson with "Evil Twin" while Gary Clark, Jr. joins Guy on "Blues Don t Care."
In a career that spans nearly 50 years with over 50 albums released, the incomparable Buddy Guy recently added the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors and NARM Chairman's Award for Sustained Creative Achievement to his long list of achievements. Guy is the recipient of 30 awards and accolades, including 6 Grammy Awards, 28 Blues Music Awards (formerly W. C. Handy Awards), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the first annual Great Performer of Illinois Award, a Billboard Music Awards' Century Award for distinguished artistic achievement, the Presidential National Medal of Arts, in addition to being listed as one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Hier noch ein begeistertes U.S-Review:

Buddy Guy – Next to Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, his name personifies Chicago blues. Considering he’ll be 77 years old on July 30th, you’d think he’d be ready to sit down and take it easy. His new album is proof that like good whiskey and fine wine he’s just gotten better with age. For Buddy’s birthday he gives us all a gift with Rhythm & Blues, a two disc album filled with some stellar collaborations and which after over 50 albums is probably one of his best releases.
This album is once again produced by the Grammy winning producer Tom Hambridge (Living Proof, 2010). A musician who is criminally unknown for his own blues rock releases. Tom Hambridge plays the drums throughout the album. After that there are two basic all-star sets of musicians. The first consists of David Grissom (guitar), Reese Wynans, (B3), and Michael Rhodes (bass). The second set consists of Rob McNeely (guitar), Kevin McKendree, (B3), and Tommy MacDonald (bass). As if the musicianship wasn’t enough in the above list, Buddy also has the following guest stars; Kid Rock, Gary Clark Jr., Beth Hart, Keith Urban, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, who all contribute something unique and interesting.
With two discs of quality material to pick from it’s difficult to discuss them all. Suffice to say there isn’t a bad track. So we’ll just discuss the highlights.
Disc 1: “Justifyin’” is the second track and it is a fast rockin’ powerhouse of a track. It’s amazing that Buddy can rip notes off his guitar at that rate at almost 77 years old. “I Go By Feel” slows things down as Buddy explains a conversation with an old blues teacher when he was younger and how the concept that feel is what sets a great musician apart from someone who is technically capable. You can throw all the notes at someone you want but there is that connection with a few simple notes where an artist can express all the emotion of the song. Buddy next teams up with Kid Rock to cover the appropriately named Elmore James tune “Messin’ with the Kid,” which Buddy played guitar on way back in 1965. Kid’s gruff voice actually meshes well with the attitude of the song. Shortly after that we get a cover, “One Day Away,” which was written by one of Buddy’s long time touring guitar players, Scott Holt, who is another artist everyone should check out. Keith Urban lends his country swagger to the song singing about telling someone you love them and the need to seize the day and to not wish one day away. Beth Hart steps up next and let’s everything rip on the spectacular track “What You Gonna Do About Me” as she trades lyrics with Buddy, proving once again why she is one of the powerhouse female vocalists of this generation.
Disc 2: The second disc starts out with a tribute to Buddy’s hometown with “Meet Me In Chicago.” Buddy lists the highlights of his hometown, like deep dish pizza, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, Wabash Avenue, and in Buddy’s typical humble style he of course lists Buddy Guy playing the blues, which is reason enough to come to Chicago. “Evil Twin” brings the members of Aerosmith in for a straight up blues anthem. “All That Makes Me Happy is the Blues” is slow blues that is all about exactly what the song title says it is. Blues is known for being a genre of music about sadness, but it’s not meant to be sad. It’s really meant to be an uplifting release of all of our problems. The final track that stands out on here is collaboration with Gary Clark Jr. on the rollicking “Blues Don’t Care.”
Buddy will always be one of the legends of the blues. He has always blurred the lines between blues and rock and roll. Filled with his signature tone and that Buddy Guy attitude, Rhythm & Blues just continues to cement his legacy as one of the greatest guitar players.
(Kevin O’Rourke/Blues Rock Review)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Disc 1
1. Best in Town
2. Justifyin'
3. I Go by Feel
4. Messin' with the Kid (featuring Kid Rock)
5. What's Up with That Woman
6. One Day Away (featuring Keith Urban)
7. Well I Done Got over It
8. What You Gonna Do About Me (featuring Beth Hart)
9. The Devil's Daughter
10. Whiskey Ghost
11. Rhythm Inner Groove

Disc 2
1. Meet Me in Chicago
2. Too Damn Bad
3. Evil Twin (featuring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford)
4. I Could Die Happy
5. Never Gonna Change
6. All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues
7. My Mama Loved Me
8. Blues Don't Care (featuring Gary Clark jr.)
9. I Came Up Hard
10. Poison Ivy

Art-Nr.: 8245
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

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