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Bingham, Ryan - tomorrowland [2012]
Ryan Bingham, Oscar-dekorierter Singer/Songwriter für "The weary kind" aus dem "Crazy heart"-Soundtrack, veröffentlicht nach dem 2010er "Junky star" nun sein neues, großartiges Werk "Tomorrowland". Es ist die erste Scheibe auf seinem eigenen "Axster Bingham Records"-Label, nachdem er sich von seinem angestammten "Lost Highway"-Label trennte. "Der Kerl wirkt mehr denn je wie ein staubiger "Southwestern Springsteen", mal semi-akustisch, dann wieder voller Power rockend. Rau, erdig und voller Inbrunst interpretiert er seine Songs mit dieser unverwechselbaren, kraftvollen, heiseren, Whiskey-gegerbten Stimme. Das amerikanische "Rolling Stone"-Magazin sagte einmal über seine "raw, scratchy voice", so müsse wohl die Stimme von "Steve Earle's Dad" klingen. "Tomorrowland" zeigt einen äusserst engagierten Ryan Bingham in exzellenter Verfassung. Sehr abwechslungsreiches, hervorragendes Songmaterial! Erstklassiger, rauer Rootsrock/Americana, wie ihn nur Bingham spielt.

Ein paar Zeilen zu einigen Songs des Albums aus einem Original U.S.-Review:

Its 13 songs run the gamut, from well-written, acoustically driven Americana tunes to loud, shambolic rockers. Given the socio-political themes here, it’s clear that Bingham is pissed off as an artist and a citizen. That doesn’t always work to his advantage, however, and therein lies part of this album’s charm. Opener “Beg for Broken Legs” balances acoustic and electric guitars with a fat bassline and natural-sounding drums. Its lyrics, while reportorial in the verses, become militant in the refrain: “I ain’t gonna stand in line/Beg for bread from up off the floor….” This is what Woody Guthrie may have sounded like as a young man in the 21st century. Additional production includes layered violins, keyboards, and Mellotron, which add essential drama. The six-minute “Western Shore,” with its strummed 12-strings, mandolin, and muted electrics, eventually becomes a swirling tempest of sonic textures that work because they never succumb to the deliberate excess in the track's production and create a necessary tension -- it's one of the finest tracks here. Bingham blows it on “Guess Who’s Knocking,” a clumsy barroom hellraiser that just falls flat. “Heart of Rhythm,” with its appropriation of rockabilly and country tropes, works despite somewhat clumsy lyrics. “Rising from the Ghetto” speaks from a heart of righteousness, but its hackneyed musical structure strives too hard to convince when a simple presentation would have sufficed -- it sounds pretentious. “Flower Bomb” and “No Help from God” are quiet songs given subtle, yet unmistakable cinematic presentations -- they're beautiful in their desolation. The midtempo rocker “Never Far Behind,” with its weave of feedback, guitars, and keyboards, allows a simple melody and textural architecture to paint the protagonist’s (completely lost) voice authentically. The countrified rockabilly on “The Road I’m On,” captures Bingham at his roadhouse best and sets up a strong finish with the roots shuffle of “Never Ending Show,” and the stripped-down acoustic closer, “Too Deep to Fill”. (Thom Jurek, Rovi)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Beg for Broken Legs - 4:14
2. Western Shore - 6:01
3. Flower Bomb - 4:07
4. Guess Who's Knocking - 4:03
5. Heart of Rhythm - 3:35
6. I Heard 'Em Say - 4:00
7. Rising of the Ghetto - 8:07
8. No Help from God - 6:41
9. Keep It Together - 4:31
10. Never Far Behind - 6:11
11. The Road I'm On - 2:21
12. Neverending Show - 4:59
13. Too Deep to Fill - 3:45

Art-Nr.: 7929
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 9,90

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Beg for broken legs
Western shore
Guess who's knocking
Heart of rhythm
I heard 'em say
No help from God
Never far behind
Neverending show
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