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Band Perry, The - pioneer [2013]
Zweites Album des jungen New Country-Trios, die mit ihrem 2010er Debut einen mega-erfolgreichen Start hinlegten. Das neue Album knüpft nahtlos an die Erfolge des ersten an. Auch die erste Single davon, "Better dig two", schoss sofort an die Spitze der Billboard Country Singles-Charts. Und es wird sicher nicht die letzte Nr. 1 davon gewesen sein...

Über das Album:
2013 release, the sophomore album from the superstar Country trio. Building on the musical foundation demonstrated by the band on their first album, Pioneer is steeped in Country tradition, with Rock 'n' Roll elements both on performance and songwriting. The album was produced by Dann Huff and has been listed as one of Entertainment Weekly's 12 Albums We Can't Wait For. ''When we set out to record Pioneer, the three of us drove across the country from Greeneville to Malibu to work with one of our musical superheroes, Rick Rubin,'' said Reid Perry. ''Our time in the studio with Rick was so incredible because during our early sessions he challenged us to set higher goats as songwriters.'' ''With that experience came the realization that we needed to take the music back home to Tennessee and have Dann Huff bring the songs to life with his production,'' adds Neil Perry. ''Sometimes where one starts off is not where one ends up, which is a big theme for us on Pioneer.''

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Better Dig Two - 3:14
2. Done - 3:25
3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely - 4:11
4. Pioneer - 4:18
5. Forever Mine Nevermind - 3:56
6. Night Gone Wasted - 3:37
7. I Saw a Light - 4:08
8. Mother Like Mine - 3:51
9. Chainsaw - 3:47
10. I'm a Keeper - 3:30
11. Back to Me Without You - 3:56
12. End of Time - 4:18

Art-Nr.: 8120
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 6,90

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