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Nail, David - fighter [2016]
Viertes Studioalbum des großartigen, "Grammy nominated" Sängers, der in den letzten Jahren zu einem, mit großen Charterfolgen aufwartenden, festen Bestandteil der Countryszene Nashville's geworden ist. Als Vertreter des "New Contemporary Country" koppelt David Nail überaus geschickt traditionelle Country-Grundlagen mit gepflegten, nicht allzu bombastischen, leicht poppigen Einüssen, ohne sich dabei jedoch "zu weit aus dem Fenster zu lehnen" und die Countrypfade zu weit zu verlassen. Das gelingt auch auf seinem neuen Werk "Fighter" wieder mit ausgezeichneter Qualität. Nail ist ein prächtiger Sänger, dem man all das, was er vorträgt auch wirklich abkauft. Er wirkt genauso emotional, wie authentisch und immer glaubwürdig. Das Songmaterial ist auf höchstem Level und sehr abwechslungsreich, geht von äußerst knackigen, fröhlichen Uptempo-Nummern wie das herrliche, wunderbar melodische und jede Menge gute Laune freisetzende "Good at tonight" (eingespielt zusammen mit Brothers Osborne) bis hin zu hinreissenden "Storytelling-Ballads", wie das fantastische, zusammen mit Lori McKenna (hat die Nummer auch mit komponiert) vorgetragene "Home" - und allem was dazweischen liegt. Da werden wieder jede Menge Hits abfallen, wie auch schon das so prima ins Ohr gehende, frische, kraftvolle "Night's on fire". Klasse Album! Eine absolute Glanzleistung von David Nail!

Hier noch ein Original U.S.-Review:

A singer's believability is essential to the success of any album, and David Nail has a way of persuading us that every word he sings on his "Fighter" comes straight from the heart. And it doesn't hurt that the songwriting contained within is topnotch throughout.
Two songs, in particular, go straight to the heart in addition to being heartfelt. "Home," which Lori McKenna both sings on and co-wrote, is the first song on this record that will absolutely stop you in your tracks. Built upon a stately acoustic guitar backing, after a lovely piano intro, the song's lyric beautifully personifies one's hometown in its chorus. "And you think it will forget you when you go/But you know it will take you back in." Sometimes, the place where you come from becomes as close as a blood relative, or as the lyric states it, is like "your oldest friend." With its keen insight, this song will remind you of Eric Church at his best.
"Babies," which describes how Nail became "a better kind of crazy" after having children, is the other song that touches all the right nerve endings. "Good things come to those who wait," he tells us in the chorus, "I used to think that's just something people say." Knowing Nail is actually a recent new father (twins in December 2015), only gives this song's personal lyrics all the more emotional weight.
Nail closes with "Old Man's Symphony," which doubles as a both a brief career overview, and also an ode to his father. Sung over finger picked guitar, before incorporating unobtrusive strings, the song eventually builds into a kind of folk-country symphony, if you will. It's a sweet, humble and sincere way to close an album.
The only misstep on "Fighter" is "Night's On Fire," which has one of those loud choruses that sounds more like a big Taylor Swift pop production number and jarringly contrasts with the (mostly) low key and overall uncomplicated production approach. It comes off as momentary compromise, on an otherwise uncompromising project.
Nail is not a name that usually gets mentioned (along with Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson) when potential saviors of modern country music get mentioned, but "Fighter" is an album that proves this man now needs to be a part of that conversation.
(Dan MacIntosh/

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Good At Tonight [feat. Brothers Osborne] - 3:30
2. Night's On Fire - 3:09
3. Ease Your Pain - 2:58
4. Home [feat. Lori McKenna] - 5:55
5. Lie With Me - 2:50
6. I Won't Let You Go [feat. Vince Gill] - 5:32
7. Fighter - 4:36
8. Babies - 3:24
9. Got Me Gone - 3:11
10. Champagne Promise - 3:54
11. Old Man's Symphony [feat. Bear and Bo Rinehart] - 3:44

Art-Nr.: 9228
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Angebot || Typ: CD || Preis: € 6,90

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