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Richards, Jamie - latest & greatest [2016]
Der aus Shawnee/Oklahoma stammende, großartige Sänger und Somgwriter, zählt im "Red Dirt"-Land rund um Texas und Oklahoma zu den ganz arrivierten Vertretern der traditionellen, unverfälschten Countrymusic, so wie etwa ein George Strait oder Alan Jackson. In Nashville gehörte er zwar dem Songwriter-Stab von Curb Records an, aber als Interpret blieb ihm stets ein Majorlabel-Deal und damit der ganz große, nationale Erfolg in den USA verwärt. Doch, wie gesagt, für Texas und Oklahoma gilt das nicht, denn dort hat er ein enormes Standing. Mit seinem neuen Album "Latest & greates" bedient er sowohl seine eingefleischten Fans, als auch die, die es noch werden wollen (und sollten). Das Werk ist ein Überblick über seine bisherige Karriere mit vielen Hits, die in den Texas-Charts höchste Platzierungen erreichten, enthält aber auch 5 gro0artige, brandneue Songs, wie etwa das bereits mächtig erfolgreiche "Second hand smoke", ein knackiger, flotter "Real Country"-Uptempo-Song, in allerbester George Strait-/Mark Chesnutt-Tradition. Dieses Album ist ein hervorragend dazu geeignet Jamie Richards zu entdecken (und das lohnt sich wirklich, ihr Traditionalisten und "Pure Country"-Fans), aber auch ein "Muß" für seine Fans, für die die neuen Tracks unverzichtbar sein dürften. Ja es gibt sie noch, die gute, reine, unverfälschte Countrymusic - dank Leuten wie Jamie Richards.

Aus der Original-Produktbeschreibung:

Jamie Richards has spent his whole career just this side of the spotlight but, with one glance at his busy touring schedule and impressive discography, you wouldn't know it. By not being much of a social butterfly, and not submitting to the powers that be, Richards has been able to make music and entertain his loyal fans one simple way: his way. By putting the song and the music first, and surrounding himself with like-minded people, Richards has carved out a very unique and comfortable place in the Texas scene. As he gears up to release his latest album, LATEST & GREATEST, he is looking to reach new audiences as well as reconnect with those who have followed him since the beginning. "It seems like the environment of country music is changing," said Richards. "It's shifting back to what I've done all along with songs that have a message and make you feel something. I'm very excited for everyone to hear this new album. Whether you're a new fan looking for real country music or a long-time fan waiting to see what happens next, there is a song on here for just about anyone." Known for being a singer that can deliver a range of emotions, Richards has climbed the ranks of country music, one rung at a time. Finding his way to Curb Records in 1999, he became a staff writer and celebrated cuts by artists such as Hal Ketchum ("That's What You Get For Loving Me"), Ken Mellons ("Believe"), and the ever popular, "Loose, Loud and Crazy," by Texas favorite, Kevin Fowler. Leaving Nashville in 2001 to join Wes Daily at Houston's D Records, Texas became his "second home" and he has released five albums (NO REGRETS, BETWEEN THE LINES, DRIVE, SIDEWAYS, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC) and 16 crowd-pleasing singles-12 of which made it into the Top 10 on the various Texas Music charts. From his first single, "Don't Try To Find Me" (2002), to the chart-topping "Drive" (2008) and his most recent hit, "I'll Have Another" (2013), success was imminent and his popularity knew no boundaries. Always a traditionalist, Richards' newest effort, LATEST & GREATEST, is a compilation of songs old and new. Featuring several fan favorites from over the years, the five new songs on the album usher in a new chapter in his storied career. With a plot line that never changes and a setting that is all too familiar, Richards stays true to his country roots by delivering music fit for the honky-tonk crowd.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Last Call - 4:13
2. Any Way You Want Me To - 4:00
3. Second Hand Smoke - 3:04
4. Never Gonna Hear It from Me - 3:17
5. Real - 2:53
6. Whiskey Night - 4:21
7. When You Love Somebody - 3:46
8. Drive - 3:21
9. Sayin Goodbye - 2:56
10. She's Cold as That Beer She's Drinkin - 4:06
11. I'll Have Another - 3:43
12. I'm Not Drinkin - 2:57
13. Easier by Now - 3:18
14. Real 2 (feat. Justin Frazell) - 2:50

Art-Nr.: 9339
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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