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Grateful Dead - road trips vol.4 No.3 - denver 1973 [2017]
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Sehr rar! 3 CD-Set! Neue exzellente Veröffentlichung aus der fantasischen Grateful Dead "Road trips"-Serie, der Nachfolge-Serie von den berühmten "Dick's Picks"-Releases. Ein weiteres begnadetes Live-Dokument aus den Dead-Archiven. Es handelt sich um das komplette Konzert vom 21. November 1973 aus dem Denver Coliseum von Denver/Colorado und ein paar ergänzenden Tracks vom Auftritt der Band am selben Ort tags davor (die letzte 3 Tracks der dritten CD). Der Sound ist klasse! Die Band ist in einer super Verfassung. Die Deadheads schwärmen von diesem Konzert, wie man einigen Kommentaren zu dieser Veröffentlichung entnehmen kann.

Hier das offizielle Statement zu dieser Veröffentlichung von Blair Jackson:

It’s been a while since we’ve dipped into the uniformly magnificent fall of 1973 (the epic Winterland 1973: The Complete Recordings came out three long years ago), and we’ve never put out a Road Trips from that year, so it’s high time we did! And you’ll have a high time getting lost in the majesty and mystery of Road Trips Vol. 4, No. 3, which consists of the entire November 21, 1973 concert at the Denver Coliseum spread across two-and-half discs, and then an excellent sequence of tunes from the second set of the previous night’s Denver show (11/20/73)!
Colorado has been fertile Grateful Dead Territory since the band’s first foray at the short-lived Denver Family Dog in 1967, and by the time 1973 rolled around, the group had built a large and loyal following there the old-fashioned way—by playing killer shows! Y’know, we often talk about the deluge of great tunes that came into the Dead’s repertoire during that fabulously fecund 1969-70 time period, but from the summer of ’72 through the summer of ’73, there was a veritable psychedelicornucopia of wondrous new Dead tunes introduced, including a handful that appear on this edition of Road Trips: “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Mississippi Half-Step,” “Weather Report Suite,” “They Love Each Other,” “Stella Blue”; each a classic in its own way, and indicative of some of the exciting new directions the Dead’s music was heading.
All of those except “They Love Each Other” turned up on the Dead’s exceptional Wake of the Flood album, released in mid-October 1973. It was the band’s first studio record since American Beauty three years earlier, and also the maiden release on their own Grateful Dead Records label, so they were way jazzed to be out there on the road digging into their recent tunes, several of which proved to be fine jamming vehicles and were instantly popular with the group’s ever-growing fan base.
The first set of 11/21/73 is a rock-solid and varied collection of tunes, including several “western” numbers (“Jack Straw,” “Me and My Uncle,” “Mexicali Blues”), a lovely “Brokedown Palace” (remember when that could turn up almost anywhere in a show?), a lilting and crystalline “Here Comes Sunshine” and a beautifully developed “Weather Report Suite”—already a monumental song after just three months!
The second set is where the fireworks really go off, however. It’s dominated by a spectacular hour-long medley that begins with “Half-Step,” segues into “Playing in the Band,” travels 715 miles due south for a little gunplay in “El Paso,” dips back into the “Playing” jam for spell, then into a superb “Wharf Rat,” back to a dynamic “Playing” reprise, and is topped off by one of the best versions of “Morning Dew” from this period. Nice! There’s plenty of show after that, too, with “Truckin’” rolling into a rare “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” then “Goin’ Down the Road” and “Saturday Night” as the rockin’ capper. “Uncle John’s” is the perfect anthemic encore.
Filling out Disc Three is a meaty triumvirate from 11/20 consisting of “Truckin’,” a typically convoluted and exciting “Other One,” and then a lovely “Stella Blue” that ends this Road Trips on a particularly poignant note.
As always, there is a CD booklet containing an essay about the show and period photos, and sonically this is certain to meet (or exceed) your expectations—once again it has been mastered to HDCD specs for maximum punch and clarity.

Die komplette Setlist:

Disc 1:
1. Me and My Uncle - 3:28
2. Sugaree - 7:41
3. Jack Straw 5:12
4. Dire Wolf - 4:26
5. Black Throated Wind - 6:50
6. Big Railroad Blues - 5:31
7. Mexicali Blues 3:48
8. They Love Each Other - 5:36
9. Looks Like Rain - 7:35
10. Here Comes Sunshine - 11:08
11. Big River - 5:21
12. Brokedown Palace - 5:52

Disc 2:
1. Weather Report Suite - 14:56
2. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo - 7:59
3. Playing In The Band - 11:57
4. El Paso - 3:57
5. Playing In The Band - 4:30
6. Wharf Rat - 8:07
7. Playing In The Band - 13:20
8. Morning Dew - 12:36

Disc 3:
1. Truckin' (Live at Denver - 10:23
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine - 2:59
3. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad - 8:41
4. One More Saturday Night - 5:23
5. Uncle John's Band - 7:42
6. Truckin' - 12:05
7. The Other One - 19:21
8. Stella Blue - 7:41

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Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 49,90
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