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Montoya, Coco - coming in hot [2019]
Der brillante Blues-/Bluesrock-Ausnahmegitarrist und großartige Sänger aus dem Süden Californiens (einstiger langjähriger Sideman von Albert Collins und John Mayall) kommt mit einem exzellenten, neuen Album. Das ist klassischer, authentischer California Blues und Bluesrock, zeitlos, authentisch, retro und gleichzeitig auf der Höhe der Zeit. Montoya ist ein absoluter Meister seines Fachs mit prächtigen Songs und packenden Gitarrenläufen/-soli, voller feiner Melodien, voller Hingabe und voller Spielfreude, mit wunderbaren Spuren verwandter Genres wie R&B, Funk, Jam und Soul. "Premiere blues rock guitarist Montoya is the only one of his peers with the soulful vocals to match his six-string prowess. Coming In Hot is jam-packed with stellar, unpredictable, spiraling solos played with Coco's signature full-bodied tone, and singing that carries fury and passion equal to his powerhouse fretwork". Diese Original-Produktbeschreibung trifft es auf den Punkt. Einer der ganz Großen des Genres mit einer bravourösen Vorstellung!

Hier ein Original U.S.-Review:

Coco Montoya, originally a drummer for his mentor Albert Collins and later Collins’ rhythm guitarist, subsequently spent a decade as guitarist for John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, still continues to evolve as a solo artist on this, his tenth album, Coming In Hot. Known primarily now as one of the top blues-rock guitarists, Montoya distinguishes himself by playing highly melodic lines and effortlessly shifting into searing, combustible solos. With each album, his vocals seem to take on more passion. It makes for one potent package.
He bursts out with the blues shuffle, “Good Man Gone,” a table setter for the scorching title track, which in its mid-section, threatens to leave your player smoking. As you listen to these tracks, it’s clear that Montoya modeled his vocal style somewhat on Mayall’s. Mercifully, “Stop Running Away From My Love” is played with a modicum of restraint, but has its fiery moments too, especially in the roaring choruses. A clear standout track is his tribute to Collins with “Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home,” where his guitar solo, in a smoldering slow blues mode, by turns burns and chills.
Montoya is not a writer but is adept at selecting songs that he can put his stamp on. Naturally, Montoya stands alongside top shelf players on this Tony Braunagel-produced project. In-demand keyboardist Mike Finnigan (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, David Crosby), guitarist and engineer Johnny Lee Schell (Bonnie Raitt), rhythm guitarist Billy Watts (Eric Burdon) and bassists Bob Glaub (Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen) and Mike Mennell (Jimmy Buffett, John Fogerty). Braunagel (Raitt, Taj Mahal. Curtis Salgado) holds down the traps throughout. Additionally, vocalist Shaun Murphy harmonizes on “Ain’t It a Good Thing” and Jon Cleary adds piano to the title track.
“What Am I?” is the prototypical vehicle for a building, spiraling Montoya guitar excursion and increasingly passionate vocals. Montoya’s guitar solos are not shredding exercises, he purposely constructs them to build to an emotional peak. “I Wouldn’t Wanna Be You’ ventures into soul territory, with an infectious groove. “Witness Protection” offers one of his best, growling, pleading vocals and the closer, “Water to Wine,” returns to his in-the-pocket comfort zone, holding convincing sway with a blues shuffle.
Montoya plays powerfully. Brace yourself. (Jim Hynes / Elmore Magazine)

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Good Man Gone - 3:48
2. Coming In Hot - 3:25
3. Stop Runnin' Away From My Love - 5:12
4. Lights Are On But Nobody's Home - 6:56
5. Stone Survivor - 3:54
6. What Am I? - 4:10
7. Ain't It A Good Thing - 3:48
8. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You - 4:39
9. Trouble - 4:00
10. Witness Protection - 4:13
11. Water To Wine - 4:49

Art-Nr.: 9870
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 16,90

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Good man gone
Coming in hot
Lights are on but nobody's home
What am I?
I wouldn't wanna be you
Water to wine

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