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Bluhm, Tim - sorta surviving [2019]
Außergewöhlich starkes, hinreißend schönes, mit durchweg großartigen Songs bestücktes Retro Countryalbum von Tim Bluhm. Bluhm ist Mitbegründer, Kopf und Frontmann der kultigen, in San Fancisco ansässigen, sowohl in der Rootsrock-, als auch in der Jamrock-Szene hoch geschätzten The Mother Hips, die mit ihrer fluffigen Bay Area Rock-Brise eher näher dem Terrain von Grateful Dead oder Buffalo Springfield angesiedelt sind, als dem der Countrymusic. Doch Bluhm ist auch ein beinharter Country-Fan. Als The Mother Hips vor rund 25 Jahren ihr Debutalbum für Rick Rubin's "American"-Label einspielten, hatte dieses Label gerade Johnny Cash's erstes, von Rick Rubin produziertes, in den berühmten Cash Cabin Studios von Hendersonville/TN aufgenommenes "Amerivcan Recordings"-Album herausgebracht. Zu dieser Zeit entdeckte Bluhm auch Merle Haggard's Musik für sich und befand sich darüber hinaus in regem, fachmännischem Austausch mit Johnny Cash, für den The Mother Hips schließlich als Opener im Fillmore von San Francisco auftraten. Jetzt, nach all den Jahren, hat sich Bluhm seinen großen Traum erfüllt und dieses bärenstarke Countryalbum eingespielt, und das ebenfalls in den legendären Cash Cabin Studios von Hendersonville, übrigens auch mit zwei alten Johnny Cash-Sidemen an Bord, nämlich Dave Roe am Bass und Gene Chrisman an den Drums. Weitere hochkarätige Mitstreiter sind Jesse Aycock (Hard Working Americans) an der Gitarre, Jason Crosby (Dave Matthews, Eric Clapton) an den Keyboards und der Fiddle, Doug Jernigan an der Pedal Steel und Elizabeth Cook wit prächtigem Background Gesang. Ja, Instrumente wie Piano (wundervolles Saloon- und Honky Tonk-Piano), herrliche Pedal Steel Guitar und feine elektrisch und akustische Gitarren, im Einklang mit Bluhm's für diese Musik wie geschaffene, hervorragende Stimme, und vollendeten Songharmonien, bestimmen das Geschehen. Obwohl in Tennessee eingespielt, so fließt durch diese Countrysongs doch eine wunderbare, californische Leichtigkeit. Alles klingt total entspannt, locker und kommt in einem hinreißenden Retro Hippie-Flair. Enthält neben Bluhm's fantastischen Eigenkompositionen auch großartige Coverversionen von Jonny Cash's "I still miss someone" und Merle Haggard's "Kern river". Purer Retro-Country, vollkommen authentisch und ohne Schnörkel, aus einer Zeit, die längst vergessen schien. Toll! Produziert hat übrigens Widespread Panic's Dave Schools - und das vom Allerfeinsten. Ein absolutes, reines Genre Pracht-Werk!

Aus der Original-Produktbeschreibung:

For a moment, you could almost forget what year it was inside the Cash Cabin, the small sanctuary-turned-recording-studio Johnny Cash built roughly 40 years ago in Hendersonville, TN. The Man In Black's frequent collaborators Dave Roe and Gene Chrisman were back at the bass and drums respectively, and tape was rolling as they counted in the Cash classic "I Still Miss Someone." Tim Bluhm had to pinch himself. "Recording in that space with those guys was like a dream come true for me," says Bluhm. "The depth of knowledge they walk around with in their heads is amazing, and you know you can trust the musical choices they're making because they have the experience to back it up. When they say, 'This is what Merle would have done,' it's because they know firsthand." While Bluhm may be best known for the breezy brand of West Coast roots and soul he helped pioneer with his band, The Mother Hips, his brilliant new solo album, Sorta Surviving, revels in his longtime love for classic country music. Recorded and mixed at the Cash Cabin under the guidance of Widespread Panic's Dave Schools, the collection is earnestly authentic and utterly timeless, and it finds Bluhm backed by elder statesmen like Roe and Chrisman along with younger virtuosos like keyboardist Jason Crosby (Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews) and Jesse Aycock (Hard Working Americans, Elizabeth Cook). "The band brought a certain maturity and experience," explains Schools. "Tim's songwriting is so strong that it naturally suggests how to complement itself, but those guys really know how to play and still leave room for a great singer." Indeed, the arrangements on the album are refined and elegant, yet still stripped-down and raw, enabling Bluhm's warm, easygoing vocals to sit front-and-center as he weaves vivid tales of ordinary men and women facing down hard days and even harder nights. Mixing new originals and reimagined covers, the record pulls from a half-century of American music to craft a thoroughly modern love letter to a bygone era, one that showcases both Bluhm's deft musical hand and his heartfelt reverence for the genre. "I've been a fan of classic country ever since I heard Merle Haggard sing," reflects Bluhm. "I just admired his voice and storytelling so much, but I never made an album like this before because I figured it would take me at least 20 or 30 years to get good enough." Bluhm discovered Haggard around the same time he co-founded the now-iconic Mother Hips, a band the San Francisco Chronicle has hailed as "one of the Bay Area's most beloved live outfits." The group began it's journey at Chico State, where performing at frat parties quickly gave way to club shows, regional touring, and national buzz, and before Bluhm and his bandmates had even graduated, they were already signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings on the strength of their debut album, 'Back To The Grotto.' "When we signed with American, the label had just put out Johnny Cash's first Rick Rubin-produced album, which was actually recorded at the Cash Cabin," says Bluhm. "I got to meet and hang with Johnny a couple times back then, and after that, we opened for him at The Fillmore in San Francisco. I was so impressed with his presence. He definitely lived up to his legend in real life, and he made a big impression on me." Over the ensuing two-and-a-half decades, the Hips would release nine more studio albums as they cemented their status as festival and critical favorites, sharing bills with everyone from Wilco and Widespread Panic to Lucinda Williams and The Black Crowes along the way. Rolling Stone called them "divinely inspired," while Pitchfork praised their "rootsy mix of 70s rock and power pop," and The New Yorker lauded their ability to "sing it sweet and play it dirty." Ever-curious and wildly prolific, Bluhm simultaneously released a slew of his own solo and collaborative projects on the side. He toured for years as music director with Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, teamed up with The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann among others, and opened up Mission Bells Studio with fellow California favorite Jackie Greene and engineer Dave Simon-Baker. There, Bluhm produced albums for everyone from the Hips and Greene to Hot Buttered Rum and Little Wings in addition to hosting Phil Lesh, Josh Ritter, Rogue Wave, Los Lobos, Jonathan Richman, and more. As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, in 2007, Bluhm and the Hips launched the Hipnic, an intimate and immaculately-curated music festival that's still held annually amongst the towering redwoods of Big Sur. Sorta Surviving marks Bluhm's first collection recorded outside of California, but one listen and it's clear that he's equally at home in the pines of Tennessee. There's a comfort to the performances, a subtle familiarity that radiates out like a warm invitation. "Most of the songs on this album are second or third takes," says Schools. "That comes from experience and teamwork, but also from working in a great environment. It's a palpable thing you feel when you're working in the room where Johnny Cash wrote his autobiography and recorded some of the best work of his later years. We were definitely all a little nervous meeting for the first time, but we got comfortable real quick there." The songs are character-driven, valuing the visceral over the cerebral, and Bluhm inhabits his narrators with a voice as tough and as pliable as worn-in leather. "It just felt natural for me to sing this way," he explains. "It was a chance to put away the books and focus more on the everyday rather than the existential, a chance to pull out the guitar and really tell some stories." Some of those stories come secondhand: the bluesy "Del Rio Dan" was first popularized by The Everly Brothers in the 1970's, while the waltzing "Kern River" is a Merle Haggard favorite, and Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" gets a melancholy makeover with a tip of the cap to Neil Young's timeless take on "Oh Lonesome Me." That the covers fit so seamlessly alongside Bluhm's original material stands as a testament both to his gifts as a compelling storyteller and his playful way with words. The shuffling "Jesus Save A Singer" tackles struggle and redemption with a wry smile, while the stream-of-consciousness title track sardonically examines our instinct to perpetually press on, and the honky-tonking "Where I Parked My Mind" finds dark wit even in the depths of addiction. "There's more humor in these songs than anything else I've written before," says Bluhm, "but it's all very tongue in cheek. That's a country music tradition." While tradition guided Bluhm throughout the project, he wasn't beholden to it, frequently taking risks and pushing boundaries with his performances and arrangements. In the end, his goal wasn't just to make a country-tinged record, but rather to craft narratives that could truly transport his listeners, that could breathe new life into stories forgotten and stories imagined, tales of dustbowl farmers and oil men and fugitive outlaws and traveling singers. "As a kid growing up in LA, I never even heard of country music," reflects Bluhm, "but I remember flipping around the radio dial and coming across 'The Gambler.' It was a song that just completely transcended genre. It was no more 'country' than Mark Twain was 'country.' It was a simple, timeless story set to music, and that's what I've ultimately aspired to make myself."

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Jesus Save A Singer - 3:08
2. No Way To Steer - 3:11
3. Jimmy West - 3:44
4. Where I Parked My Mind - 3:28
5. Raining Gravel - 3:46
6. Sorta Surviving - 3:15
7. Del Rio Dan - 4:24
8. I Still Miss Someone - 3:15
9. Squeaky Wheel - 3:55
10. Kern River - 3:05

Art-Nr.: 9792
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Country
Status: Neuheit || Typ: CD || Preis: € 14,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Jesus save a singer
No way to steer
Jimmy West
Where I parked my mind
Sorta surviving
Squeaky wheel
Kern river

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Jacobs, Cris - color where you are [2019]
"Color where you are" ist das abermals herausragend starke, neue Album des gleichermaßen in der Roots-, Southern- und Jam-Szene beheimateten, sowie bei Experten, Kritikern und Fans ein, wie wir finden vollkommen zu Recht, immens hohes Standing genießenden Cris Jacobs (vocals, guitars) und seiner blendend aufspielenden Cris Jacobs Band (Todd Herrington - bass, Dusty Ray Simmons - drums/percussion und Jonathan Sloane - guitars, sowie Gast-Keyboarder Daniel Clarke. Was wir hier zu hören bekommen, ist ein absoluter Genuß! Jacobs, einstiger Frontmann der in Baltimore beheimateten Band "The Bridge", und seine Freunde beglücken uns mit einer, im Vergleich zum ebenfalls saustarken Vorgängerwerk "Dust of gold", noch feineren, noch inspirierteren Mischung aus seeligen Rock-, Blues-, Funk-, Roots-, Swamp-, Southern-, Jam-, Americana- und Countryrock-Anlagen, durch die, vom Anfang bis zum Ende, eine stets präsente, herrlich angenehme Southern-Brise weht. In den Songs der Truppe finden sich immer mal wieder Spuren solcher Kollegen wie Anders Osborne, JJ Grey & Mofro (ohne Bläser), Ivan Neville, Little Feat, The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, aber auch John Hiatt oder gar einem southern-rootsigen Tom Petty. Jacobs ist ein grandioser Songwriter, super Gitarrist und geradezu charismatischer Sänger mit einer Stimme voller Wärme, Harmonie, aber auch voller natürlicher Rauheit, der seine wundervollen Stücke voller Seele und Gefühl vorträgt, ja sie regelrecht "lebt" und mit feinsten Melodien veredelt. Das funktioniert auf diesem beeindruckend hohen Niveau natürlich nur, wenn die Chemie zwischen der gesamten Musikermannschaft stimmt, alle Mann sich blind verstehen und auf dem gleich hohen Level performen. Genau das ist bei der Cris Jacobs Band zu 100% gegeben. Was sind das für fantastische Musiker! Pure Spiefreude, eine spürbare Lockerheit, grenzenlose Harmonie und bärenstarke Grooves, sowie ein gewisses New Orleans Swamp-Flair und der bereits erwähnte ewige Southern-Spirit bestimmen das Geschehen, genauso wie Authentizität und unverfälschte Natürlichkeit. Markante, funky Gitarrenriffs, ein packender Bass-/Drums-Groove, ein schön swampiges Southern-Flair und eine großartige Melodie prägen den Eröffnungstrack "Painted roads". Klasse hier, wie sich das klimpernde Piano und die hintergründigen (Slide)Gitarrenklänge ergänzen. Gleich zu Beginn ein richtiger "Killer"-Song! Erneut ein fetter Bass Groove-Drive und kernige Riffs ziehen sich durch den erdigen, drückenden, bluesigen Swamp-/Rootsrocker "Under the big top", ausgestattet mit einem klasse "Voodoo-Spirit" und rauen Slidegitarren. Nimmt am Ende ordentlich Fahrt und Power auf. Deutlich entspannter kommt das traumhaft melodische, schön lockere, mit einer unglaublichen Wärme und einem hinreißenden Country-/Southern-Feeling ausgestattete "Buffalo girl", dessen "gentle Country swirl" unweigerlich an Großtaten solcher Bands wie Buffalo Springfield oder Poco erinnert. Toll wieder die Slide-Licks und die prächtig dazu passende Orgel im Hintergrund. Das ist die pure Wonne! Genau wie die anschließende, von einer ebenso wundervollen Melodik durchzogene, viel Southern-Esprit ausstrahlende Americana-Ballade "Afterglow" (wunderbar erdige Slidegitarre in der zweiten Hälfte). So reihen sich weiterhin eine prächtige Nummer an die nächste. Ob der furios groovende, bluesige Country-/Swamp-/Funk-Rocker "Rooster coop", das wunderschöne, von herrlichen Gitarren umgebene "Holler and hum", oder der mit einem tollen Bayou-Feeling ausgestattete, bluesige Southern-Stomper "Night birds" - es passt alles. Cris Jacobs landet mit "Color where you are" abermals einen ganz großen Wurf! Ein absoluter Leckerbissen für die vielen Liebhaber, die ihre musikalische Passion irgendwo zwischen den sich verwischenden Grenzen von Rootsrock, Blues, Swamp, Jamrock und Americana, in Verbindung mit diesem unvergleichlichen, natürlichen Southern-Spirit finden. Fantastisch!

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Painted Roads - 4:01
2. Under the Big Top - 3:47
3. Buffalo Girl - 4:28
4. Afterglow - 4:56
5. We'll Act Like Strangers - 4:16
6. Rooster Coop - 3:17
7. Holler and Hum - 5:14
8. Ghosts of Evangeline - 4:22
9. Night Birds - 3:58
10. Hold Close These Things - 6:22

Art-Nr.: 9795
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 15,90

In folgende Titel können Sie reinhören:
Painted Roads
Under the Big Top
Buffalo Girl
Rooster Coop
Holler and Hum
Night Birds

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Osborne, Anders - three free amigos ~ ep [2013]
6 Track EP! Großartige, neue EP des fantastischen, in New Orleans lebenden Gitarristen und Singer/Songwriters, dessen immense Fangemeinde von der Americana-, über die Rock-, Swamp Rock- und Bluesrock-, bis in die Jamrock-Szene reicht.

Das komplette Tracklisting:

1. Three Free Amigos - 7.47
2, Marmalade - 4.09
3. Jealous Love - 2.44
4. It's Gonna Be OK - 4.46
5. Never Is a Real Long Time - 3.02
6. We Move On - 2.45

Art-Nr.: 8057
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 10,90

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Phish - amsterdam [2015]
8 CD-Set! Tolle, neue 8 CD-Box der Jamrock-Veteranen mit 3 kompletten Konzerten aus dem Jahre 1997, die die Band seinerzeit im Paradiso im holländischen Amsterdam gespielt hat. Diese Shows gehören unter den Fans zu den ganz Besonderen der Truppe um Trey Anastasio (ein amerikanischer Phishhead nennt sie geradezu "episch"), da sie in einem relativ kleinen Club mit sehr viel Nähe zum Publikum gespielt wurden, was aus der Musikern jeweils noch mehr Spielfreude und ganz bemerkenswerte Leistungen herauskitzelte. Tolle Sache, das man diese Shows nun veröffentlicht hat.

Hier noch ein Auszug aus der Original-Produktbeschreibung:

An all new 8-CD Box Set from Phish's infrequent European shows. Full shows from 2/17/97, 7/1/97 and 7/2/97 at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On February 17, 1997 Phish first played Paradiso, a converted former church turned rock-club/cultural center with a capacity of about 1500. Over the next four months, Phish logged three breakthrough shows at this historic venue where the intimate setting pushed the music to new heights again and again. From the Soul Shakedown party opener and fluid, psychedelic improvisation-clinic-of-a-set II (Down With Disease > Carini > Taste > Down With Disease) on 2/17/97 to the “back of the worm” Ghost opener, Reba and another peak transcendent Set II [Fish Keyboard Jam > Timber (Jerry) > Bathtub Gin > Cities] on 7/1/97 through the Mike’s Groove Sandwich and must-hear Stash > Llama > Wormtown Jam plus the double encore of 7/2/97, these three shows spread over 8 CD’s comprise some of the most experimental music Phish ever played. The three shows on the Amsterdam box, the only Phish shows to-date at Paradiso, combine to deliver the full impact of a shared peak experience in an exotic locale seamlessly integrated and sizzling with creative intensity. The shows were recorded by Paul Languedoc to multitrack tape, mixed by Jon Altschiller and mastered by Fred Kevorkian. Pick up this set and prepare for transport to the canals of Amsterdam…to the back of the worm.

Die kompletten Setlists:

Disc 1
1. Soul Shakedown Party > (4:49)
2. Divided Sky (13:32)
3. Wilson > (4:44)
4. My Soul (5:13)
5. Guyute (10:13)
6. Timber (Jerry) > (7:05)
7. Billy Breathes (6:56)
8. Llama (4:02)
9. Bathtub Gin > (13:03)
10. Golgi Apparatus (4:57)

Disc 2
1. The Squirming Coil > (10:17)
2. Down With Disease > (18:18)
3. Carini > (21:26)
4. Taste > (6:34)
5. Down With Disease > (1:24)
6. Suzy Greenberg > (6:19)
7. Prince Caspian (8:17)

Disc 3
1. Sleeping Monkey > (5:56)
2. Rocky Top (3:01)
3. Ghost (22:26)
4. Horn (4:06) 5. Ya Mar (10:00)

Disc 4
1. Limb By Limb > (12:43)
2. Ain’t Love Funny (4:44)
3. Saw It Again (7:08)
4. Dirt (4:29)
5. Reba (17:21)
6. Dogs Stole Things (5:25)

Disc 5
1. Fish Keyboard Jam > (3:18)
2. Timber (Jerry) > (8:16)
3. Bathtub Gin > (14:32)
4. Cities (24:37)
5. Loving Cup > (6:07)
6. Slave To The Traffic Light (12:29)
7. When The Circus Comes (5:27)

Disc 6
1. Mike’s Song > (10:15)
2. Simple > (12:03)
3. Maze (13:49)
4. Strange Design (3:21)
5. Ginseng Sullivan (3:25)
6. Vultures (6:18)
7. Water In The Sky > (2:47)
8. Weekapaug Groove (13:39)

Disc 7
1. Stash > (30:47)
2. Llama > (5:39)
3. Wormtown Jam > (7:15)
4. Wading In The Velvet Sea (8:15)

Disc 8
1. Free (12:45)
2. David Bowie (16:11)

Art-Nr.: 8888
Gruppe: Musik || Sparte: Rock
Status: Programm || Typ: CD || Preis: € 45,90

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